The Sopranos was a phenomenon, the first of a long line of watercooler hits for HBO. The story of mafia boss Tony Soprano and his life running both his families, his own and his mafia family, captivated audiences worldwide. Now with the release in theaters of The Many Saints of Newark, the Sopranos prequel, the show may find a new generation of fans.

While the Sopranos had many memorable characters and moments, Christopher Moltisanti, Silvio Dante, Junior Soprano, Carmela, Johnny Sack, Ralph Cifaretto, and Phil Leotardo became household names during the show's run. But, what about some of those characters that dropped under the radar?

We take a look at 5 underrated characters from the Sopranos and how they were very important to the show in more ways than one, be it directly or indirectly. Here are 5 underrated characters from the Sopranos!



5. Rosalie Aprile

Rosalie Aprile (HBO)

Rosalie Aprile was everything Carmela Soprano wasn’t, she was truly a mob wife, she understood the life, understood her husband most likely killed, cheated, and carried the burden of being the widow of a top-ranking mobster. Rosalie Aprile would eventually try to reform her life following the same steps as before with other mobsters and watching her son follow his father’s fate.  Rosalie Aprile was truly the road many mob wives follow in real life and are just as tough as their mobster husbands.

4. Little Carmine Lupertazzi

Carmine Lupertazzi (HBO)

Little Carmine was depicted by the mob inner circle as “the son of” or “the stupid one” in reality Carmine Lupertazzi made it to the end of the Sopranos, alive and jail free. He established a wealthy life outside of the mob while using his mob connections when need be. And at the end of the show, who is playing moderator for the mob war that led to Phil Leotardo's whacking?

3. Jennifer Melfi

Jennifer Melfi (HBO)

Jennifer Melfi was Tony Soprano’s psychiatrist and while the show did well to separate what was happening in Tony’s home and street life with his sessions with Melfi, Melfi serves as a breathing room for the audience. A way to see that to a third-party Tony, with all his power is just as troubled as the rest of us, and has his issues be it from the past or what is going on now. Melfi was the audience and at times her character served as a reminder that these mobsters were dangerous and sick, but also human as well.

2. Giacomo “Jackie" Aprile, Sr.

“Jackie" Aprile (HBO)

Killed off early in the series of cancer Jackie Aprile seemed in those early episodes to be the only one who could control the Sopranos. A soldier's boss, Jackie Aprile was loved by everyone and in his limited scenes be it in the first few episodes or in flashbacks, he always seemed in control, thoughtful, and cunning. 

1. Tony Blundetto

Tony Blundetto (HBO)

Smart, quick on his feet, and able, Tony Blundetto is the clear representation of Tony’s poor leadership at times with those he values most. Stuck in limbo after coming out of jail, Blundetto has to earn money the hard way as a hired gun or trying to go legit. When his back is against the wall Tony Soprano throws him a bone, but by then his fate is sealed and Tony eventually kills his cousin in a gruesome end.