The first edition of BETFEST will be a unique way to unify the biggest brands in the sports betting industry with fans and seasoned bettors. The online event that will take place on May 15, 2021 and is organized by Sports Betting Community (“SBC”) in conjunction with SeventySix Capital Sports Advisory.

The online event will give the fan an opportunity to interact with sports celebrities, learn from professional bettors, and interact with other members of the sports betting community. The event will also offer the chance for the attendees to discuss career opportunities in the Sports betting field.

The event will provide an education program for beginners in sports betting, while also having a virtual meet-and-greet with brand ambassadors, sportsbook promos, and a job fair.

How to sign up for the BETFEST online event

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Fans and career seekers can sign up for the online event via the official website. Some of the main topics for the event will be, how to be a sharp bettor, how fans can bet on their teams, NBA Playoffs- What to look for, and how to get a job in the industry, among other topics.

Sue Schneider, VP Growth & Strategy Americas at SBC stated, “BETFEST is a brand-new event that will bring together a community of sports fans and bettors for a day of entertainment and education, which will leave them better informed about sports betting, safe gambling, the industry, and the best betting brands in their states.”  Evan Davis, Managing Director, SeventySix Capital Sports Advisory said: “Since launching last year, SeventySix Capital Sports Advisory has been at the forefront of developments within the sports betting ecosystem. As such, we’re excited to partner with SBC in bringing BETFEST to sports betting enthusiasts across the country. Whether you’re a sharp bettor or someone learning the difference between a moneyline and point spread wager, BETFEST will unquestionably be a rewarding and fun experience.”

SBC will hold their own virtual event on June 9th and 10th during the middle of the year. The event will focus on the growing online sports betting market in North America.