Tennis might not be the most important sport in the United States, despite some incredibly famous American Tennis players, it has always been a niche sport. Still, it will surprise you to know that Tennis is a very popular sport when it comes to betting.

As we have done in our Sports Betting series, we will show you the basics of Tennis Betting. We will explain what is a moneyline bet, props bet, futures bet, and set spread. The mechanics are the same as in the NBA, Soccer, or NFL.

The ATP and WTA have tournaments almost every month of the year and there seems to be an important Tennis match played almost every day. Many bettors, who are unfamiliar with the sport, use metrics to help determine their bets. Let’s go over each Tennis betting option.

Tennis Moneyline Bet

Just like in the NHL, the moneyline bet in Tennis is a straight-up bet on who you believe will win the match. An example is that if X player is at -120 and Y player is at +110, you will need to bet $120 to win $100 on X player victory or $110 to win $100 on Y player victory.

Tennis Game Spread Bet

Like NBA, MLB, or any other sport there are spreads, in this case, it is based on the games within a match. Here you are betting that a given player will cover the spread in the allocated number of games. For example, Y player is at -3.5, and X player is at +3.5, this means that the winner must be under 4 games or wins in over 4 games. An underdog can win if they do not lose within those 4 games or wins by less than the number of games assigned. So, if you wager that Y player will win, he/she must win 4 more games than X player. A bet on X player would be covered as long as the game total with 3.5 added exceeds Y players game total.

6 5 6
4 7 3

Y player wins 17 games (the total) but X player wins 14 games, if you bet the spread, then Y player loses and bets on X player wins because he covered the spread of losing under 4 points.

Tennis Set Spreads

In set spreads you are betting on how a set will end, in this case, the set line may be -2.5 which means you are betting a favorite will win 3 straight sets. Most sets are the best of 3 and in order to cover your spread, the winner must win either over or under those predetermined sets. If an underdog wins at least one set in a -2.5 spread then the underdog wins.

Over/Under Tennis bet

Over/Under in Tennis betting is a wager on the total number of games. If Y and X players are playing a 3-set match, the Over/Under may be 22.5 games. If you think the match will be over under that combined total, then you place your bet. So, if Y player wins (7-6, 6-4) the game went 23 games and you win your bet. Anything below that if you bet the over you lose your bet.

Tennis Futures

Just like other sports, there are futures, here you bet on who will win a major tournament, what round will X player get to, if Z player can get past the first round. All the variables that can happen at a later date at your disposal.

Tennis Live Betting

Tennis is one of the most popular live betting sports in the world. Odds change very quickly and at every point in a match, so you need to be quick to place your bet. As the game changes so do the odds. So, you need to make sure you bet quickly and follow the game perfectly to win your live bets. Every variable changes constantly.

Tennis Prop bets

In Tennis prop betting you bet on whether there will be an exact score, or if there will be a tie-breaker. How many times X player will get a point from a serve, or how many times a player might call a timeout.

These are the basic betting options for Tennis. Be on your toes and follow the matches carefully to place your bets. Do your research and things should be a lot easier.