The road to the NHL Stanley Cup is now down to four teams, the New York Rangers, Tampa Bay Lightning, Edmonton Oilers, and Colorado Avalanche.

The Rangers have had to fight hard to get to this stage of the playoffs, the Lightning are on the other side of the coin after a clean sweep of the Florida Panthers.

Now at BetMGM the sportsbook has laid out their early bird odds as to who will win the NHL Stanley Cup, and have also some interesting parlays.

Pick among the final four

Here are the odds for the outright winner of the Stanley Cup from the last four teams.

  • Avalanche - 1.95
  • Lightning - 3.00
  • Rangers - 6.00
  • Oilers - 10.00

Exact outcome of the Stanley Cup finals


  • Colorado Avalanche defeat the Tampa Bay Lightning - 3.25
  • New York Rangers to defeat the Colorado Avalanche - 8.00
  • Edmonton Oilers to defeat the Tampa Bay Lightning - 13.00

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Correct Series Results

  • New York Rangers in 4-0 - 19.00
  • Tampa Bay Lightning in 4-1 - 5.50
  • Tampa Bay Lightning in 4-3 - 5.50

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