The MLB 2021 brought baseball action back after several months of expectation. The last season was a very different one for this sport, in a year in which it suffered the impact of the pandemic. 

The Covid-19 outbreak immediately forced the 2020 campaign that was taking place to be halted for a while, until the league managed to guarantee a safe return to competition. To compensate the time without activity, the idea of extending the length of the postseason was proposed.

That's why the MLB playoffs in 2020 had a special format under special circumstances like last year's. Instead of the typical ten-team format, the league expanded the number of teams for the postseason to 16, in a quite controversial decision of sending every side to a first round called Wild-Card Series. However, in 2021 things - in terms of baseball - look set to get back to normalcy.

The format for MLB 2021 playoffs

The 2021 postseason would include once again ten teams. Those would be the six division winners, three from the American League and three from the National League, while the remaining four sides would be those qualified for the Wild-Card games

Each league has its playoffs, to which the winners from the East, Central, and West divisions qualify directly for the Division Series. Previously, there will be one Wild-Card game both for the American League and the National League, in which the best-seeded teams that weren't division champions would meet. The one who wins that match would progress to the Division Series.

In this stage, the two series are played to the best-of-five, with the Wild-Card playoff winner facing the division winner that had the best record in the regular-season, while the other two division leaders clash in the remaining tie. Two teams from each league would advance to set up the League Championship Series in a best-of-seven series. 

Finally, the two League Champions would clash in the World Series also in a best-of-seven. This would be the normal type of playoffs like we get to see in the MLB since 2012 when the Wild-Card round was introduced. Unless that circumstances force to make a change again, the MLB 2021 playoffs format should be this one.