DJ Lemahieu has signed a new contract with the New York Yankees, securing his future with the team. The infielder signed for six years and $90 million, a very cheap contract for such an impressive player. 

Lemahieu is a great signing for the Yankees and one of the best bargains in the MLB, getting paid $15 million every season, something curious knowing the big contracts some players have signed in recent years. Well, DJ is not the only one having relatively cheap contracts and not even the least paid star in the Majors. 

In fact, there are more players that are pretty big deals for their respective teams and are getting paid the minimum salary. Of course, there are several reasons for that; players that blossomed into stars way earlier than expected. It raises a lot of eyebrows when people find out how little some players are paid and now it’s time to go through the seven stars that get paid very little compared to their impact on the game

7. Juan Soto - $6.5 million

Juan Soto. (Getty)

Juan Soto is one of those players that made an instant impact on the league. He signed as an international free agent in 2015. He made his MLB debut three years later, and in 2019, he played a key role in the Washington Nationals' first-ever World Series. This kid is only 22 right now and he’s set to leave a big mark on the Nats and the league. Last season he led the league in average with .351 and is one of the most promising players in the Majors. 

6. Rafael Devers - $4.8 million 

Rafael Devers. (Getty)

Rafael Devers is another young player that has become a very good asset in the league. He was one of the few good things the Boston Red Sox had last season and he’s ready to compete with his team this year. He finished last season with 11 home runs, 43 RBIs and 32 runs for the Sox, who found a gem in Devers. 

5. Lucas Giolito - $3.9 million

Lucas Giolito. (Getty)

Lucas Giolito is one of the best pitchers in the Majors, no doubt about it. His career record is 31-29 but that doesn’t define who this player is as a pitcher. The White Sox were lucky when they sent Adam Eaton to Washington in 2016 in exchange for Giolito and a series of players. This man has more strikeouts (495) than innings pitched (489.0), so that would explain how good he really is. 

4. Walker Buehler - $2.7 million

Walker Buehler. (Getty)

The Los Angeles Dodgers know their future is secured even after Clayton Kershaw decides to retire from the game since they have Walker Buehler. This man has been terrific for the Dodgers, although he’s making only $2.7 million. In his career, he’s won 24 and lost only nine games with Los Angeles. In 365.2 innings pitched, he’d struck out 420 hitters. 

3. Pete Alonso - $575,000

Pete Alonso. (Getty)

Pete Alonso is one of the players of the future for the New York Mets. This first baseman has been a big deal for the Metropolitans, winning the ROY award and becoming an All-Star in two seasons with the Mets. This guy is something special and he proved that last year. Alonso finished the shortened season with 16 HRs and 35 RBIs for the New Yorkers, confirming he’s one the best young players in the Majors. 

2. Fernando Tatis Jr - $575,000

Fernando Tatis Jr. (Getty)

This kid has taken the league and the world by storm with the San Diego Padres. Fernando Tatis Jr was the biggest revelation in the shortened 2020 MLB season that saw his club going to the postseason and competing until the Los Angeles Dodgers and their experience took care of them. Last season he finished with 17 HRs and 45 RBIs, hinting about what the future will be like for the Padres. 

1. Shane Bieber - $575,000

Shane Bieber. (Getty)

This is something incredible, but still possible. Shane Bieber has been around for two years now and the right-handed has enchanted everybody around the league with the formerly known as Cleveland Indians. Bieber has won 34 games and lost 14 in his career while achieving things that other players can’t during their entire careers. He has won the Cy Young award, the Triple Crown, is an All-Star and All-Star Game MVP. This dude is the real deal, but his contract isn’t.