Being a referee or an umpire is one of the toughest jobs in the world, as you're always going to be hated regardless of how good you are at your job. However, considering how much MLB umpires make in one year, it's definitely worth it.

An MLB umpire's salary is up to $50,000 more than referees from other major leagues, according to Bleacher Report. Moreover, not everybody's suited for the job, as just 15%-20% of those who attend college actually make it to the graduation, as per MLB.

These guys have to deal with the ego of the players, the jeers and cursing from the fans, and the constant attitude from the managers. So, if you were wondering how much money do MLB umpires make, well, let's just say it makes up for it. Let's break it down.

How Much Do MLB Umpires Make?

Like in most jobs, an MLB umpire salary can fluctuate a lot throughout the years. They can make up to $120,000 a year when they first enter the league but they can eventually get as much as $300,000 annually. The average salary is $235,000 per year.

Yes, that may not seem like much if you compare it with the $27 million Mookie Betts makes a year, but for a guy that's often overlooked when discussing sports, it's still a pretty decent paycheck.

How Many Games Do MLB Umpires Work In One Season?

Well, nothing's free in life. MLB umpires make more money than the average person but they also have to work a lot throughout the season. It pays that much because it's the ultimate full-time job.

An MLB umpire can work as much as 142 regular-season games in one season. The total is obviously higher because of the postseason, but rookie umpires aren't likely to be called in for the playoffs that often.

Umpire Hunter Wendelstedt ejects manager Ron Gardenhire from a game. (Getty)

How Much Do MLB Umpires Make A Game?

Well, this will obviously vary depending on how much money the umpire is earning per year. Rookie MLB umpires making $120,000 a year and refereeing 142 games a season can make as much as $845 per game, while those making $235,000 can make $1,654.92 a game.

But if you're one of the big fish making $300,000 a year, you can make as much as $2,112.67 bucks per game. No wonder how they manage to keep their cool with all those people yelling at them.

How Much MLB Umpires Make In One Season?

On top of their base salary, MLB umpires get $340 a day for travel expenses, plus first-class traveling. Those who work a full postseason can get an extra $20,000 plus expenses, and they all get 4 weeks of fully-paid vacations during the regular season.

That means an MLB umpire salary can go from $140,000 to $320,000 a year, plus expenses and a huge pension. That's why you rarely see an opening for these kinds of jobs, as they want to hold on to it for as long as they can.