The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here. MLB season is about to start on July 23, with all franchises going toe-to-toe on a shortened season. For the first time in Major League Baseball history, it feels like anything can happen.

Players have had plenty of time to rest and fully recover from the prior campaign to be at their best for Opening Day, and now that we know the full roster of every team, oddsmakers have wasted no time to make their picks about the potential winner of the upcoming World Series.

There's a lot at stake this time. Owners and players fought a long battle to have baseball this season so we can be sure that we'll have a top-notch show night in and night out. But, which are the teams to watch this season?

MLB teams: Favorites and Underdogs

It seems like both FanDuel and DraftKings can agree on something: The Los Angeles Dodgers are the team to beat right now. The sportsbooks give them +380 and +375 odds to win it all, respectively, following the Mookie Betts trade.

Mookie Betts joined the Dodgers after 6 seasons with the Red Sox. (Getty)

However, Gerrit Cole's signing didn't go unnoticed, as the New York Yankees and their reinforced rotation follow the Dodgers as a close second with +400 odds in both sportsbooks, mostly because the hiatus helped them get most of their players back at full strength.

But if we take a look at those teams that aren't supposed to compete this season, it seems like the Baltimore Orioles have to be at the top of the conversation. This time, FanDuel gives them +30000 odds to win the World Series, while DraftKings has them at +75000.

And despite a fully healthy and rejuvenated Miguel Cabrera, the Detroit Tigers join the Orioles at the bottom of the projections, also having +30000 odds on FanDuel and +75000 odds in DraftKings.

MLB World Series odds:

  FanDuel DraftKings
Los Angeles Dodgers +380 +375
New York Yankees +400 +400
Houston Astros +800 +850
Atlanta Braves +1400 +1300
Minnesota Twins +1500 +1600
Tampa Bay Rays +1700 +1800
Washington Nationals +1800 +1900
New York Mets +2200 +2000
Cleveland Indians +2300 +2500
Cincinnati Reds +2500 +2500
Oakland Athletics +2500 +2500
Philadelphia Phillies +2500 +2200
Chicago Cubs +2600 +2200
St. Louis Cardinals +2600 +2200
Chicago White Sox +3300 +2500
Los Angeles Angels +3500 +3500
Milwaukee Brewers +3500 +4000
Arizona Diamondbacks +4300 +5000
Boston Red Sox +4300 +4000
San Diego Padres +4600 +4000
Texas Rangers +7000 +8000
Toronto Blue Jays +8500 +10000
Colorado Rockies +16000 +15000
Pittsburgh Pirates +16000 +10000
Kansas City Royals +30000 +50000
Miami Marlins +30000 +30000
San Francisco Giants +30000 +15000
Seattle Mariners +30000 +50000
Detroit Tigers +30000 +75000
Baltimore Orioles +30000 +75000

FanDuel & DraftKings