We here at Bolavip like to get creative and we wanted to try something new for our readers. We thought what it would be like to take the New York Yankees jersey, one of the MLB's most traditional teams, and convert them into a soccer team! 

How did we do that? We sat with our design teams and brainstormed what would be something unique to show our readers and when you get sports-crazy journalists, social media managers, and designers in a room to talk about sports the ideas fly. 

We came up with a game of showcasing the MLB’s most traditional teams as soccer clubs. What would the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers jersey look like if they played “the world's game?.”

Well, the ideas went from the traditional to downright crazy, so without further ado Bolavip presents the first of ten Soccer inspired jersey's for MLB teams, we present the New York Yankees soccer jersey!



The New York Yankees are one of the MLB’s most historic clubs. Founded in 1901 they have won 27 World Series and have had some of the most iconic baseball players on their roster. From Babe Ruth to Derek Jeter the New York Yankees are a symbol of excellence in the American sporting landscape. They are a staple of the city of New York like eating a hot dog in Times Square or riding the subway to work.

Transferring that rich baseball history to the soccer world was no easy task, but we gave it a shot and we think we were able to capture the essence of the Bronx Bombers and what they represent to the city of New York and MLB fans in general.

Inspired by the rich history of the Yankees, the jersey showcases the club's historic players on the front of the jersey while on the back you can see all the names of the players and that make up the Hall of Fame of the Yankees, in the form of pinstripes respecting the classic design of the club. The jersey maintains the team's traditional colors, but gives them a whole new modern soccer look. 

Finally, on the upper part of the back, there is a silver star with the number 27 in reference to the World Championships won by the club. It’s important to note that the New York Yankees have won titles in the 1920s (3), 1930’s (5), 1940’s (4), 1950’s (6), 1960’s (2), 1970’s (2), 1990’s (3) 2000’s (2) with only the 1980s and 2010s being the only decades they have not won a world series.



The away jersey is inspired by the New York City subway system. The design consists of the different subway lines with their respective train lines, which run along the jersey on a blue background, respecting the identity of the team. If you are ever in New York and want to catch a Yankee’s game depending on where you are at, you will most likely take the No.4, D, or B train to get to the ballpark. 

The point where the lines meet is where the fans get off the train to get to the stadium just below the logo, representing Yankee Stadium as the final destination. The new Yankee stadium may have the look and feel of the original Yankee Stadium, but there are massive and modern upgrades from the old stadium. The new stadium has 4,300 club seats and 68 luxury suites. 


Finally, at the top of the back of the jersey is a reference to the famous New York City transit system signs found in the subway stations. The numbers 19 and 3 are present as a tribute to when the team was founded in 1903. Did you know that the club was established in 1901 but in 1903, Frank Farrell and Bill Devery purchased the club and after ceasing operations, they moved the team to New York City, renaming the club the New York Highlanders. The Highlanders were officially renamed the New York Yankees in 1913.

What did you think of the New York Yankees soccer jersey? Did we get it right? Remember we are playing a game and as Baseball jerseys are somewhat traditional by nature the soccer world has changed up and even took traditional teams like Barcelona and instead of giving them strips, they have hoops on their jersey’s. Or Juventus of Italy is now sporting neon pink away jerseys. It’s all in good fun! 


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