The Boston Red Sox are one of the most traditional teams in MLB history. They are tied for third-most World Series won by any team in the league. Not bad considering the Red Sox had a 86 year drought and in 2004 were finally able to break the Curse of the Bambino. Taking that rich history and transferring it to the world of soccer was no easy task, but we feel we did the Boston Red Sox jersey justice. 

Established in 1901 the Boston Red Sox did not become the Red Sox until 1908, they were an early dynasty, winning four world series in the years 1912, 1915, 1916, 1918. After a long spell without any championships and a lot of strange losses, which led many fans to believe the team was cursed, the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004. 

Their long and intense rivalry with the New York Yankees is considered one of the best sporting events to attend in the United States. They have produced some of the most memorable games in MLB history. Even a few players, great players, have made the switch and played for both teams

Ironically the world of Soccer and the Boston Red Sox are linked, as the Fenway Sports Group, which owns the team, also owns Liverpool F.C. of the Premier League in England. So instead of coming from left field, these jerseys are right up the Red Sox’s alley. 



The Boston Red Sox MLB inspired soccer jersey pays homage to the classic colors of the club while also making red the primary color to represent the passion of the Boston Red Sox fans. After so many years of frustration fans still flocked to Fenway Park in hopes that the Red Sox would turn their history around and they did in 2004, it’s hard to find a more rabid Baseball fan base than the Red Sox fans.

The Red Sox home jersey details some of the classic nicknames the teams have like, The BoSox, The Sox, and The Old Towne team. It also features throughout the jersey all the years the Red Sox obtained their nine world series championships, the last one being in 2018. 

Many diehard Boston Red Sox fans will remember the 2004 series because the team broke the Curse of the Bambino by sweeping the St. Louis Cardinals, but in reality that ALCS is more dear to the Red Sox faithful since they came back from 0-3 down in the series to beat the hated New York Yankees in what is called the biggest choke in baseball history. 

On the back and like their Premier League brother, Liverpool, the Sox have their primary logo at the bottom of each number, the now-classic Red Sox sock logo. In the EPL the teams have the league logo on the numbers, but here we placed the classic sock logo to continue to showcase the many incarnations of the Red Sox’s past and present. 


When you think of the Red Sox and Fenway Park no other image comes to mind than the Green Monster. “The Wall” stands at 37 feet and 2 inches high and is 310 feet from home plate and is a very popular target for good right-handed hitters. 

The Green Monster has a famous manual scoreboard which is operated by Red Sox staff and has been there in one way or another since 1914. The away jersey takes from that trademark element and has the scoreboards lettering and foundation year on the back of the jersey. The Green Monster is one of the most photographed elements of Fenway Park by visiting fans.

Along the sleeve of the Red Sox away jersey there is an inscription that says “Teammates” in reference to the statue that is situated outside the stadium that pays tribute to the on-field accomplishments and chemistry of very important players in Red Sox history. These players are Bobby Doerr, Dom DiMaggio, Johnny Pesky, and Ted Williams, who came to the team between the 1937 and 1942 seasons. These four players created a unique bond and have been called “the greatest of players and the best of friends” by team owners. 


The Boston Red Sox are a team with a rich and unique history, from the team's great accomplishments to the Curse of the Bambino to the rebirth so to speak, the club has had some of the most elite Baseball players of all time. The Green Monster is a staple of the old-time Baseball stadiums of yesteryear and any Red Sox fan will want to rock these jersey’s in a classic clash against the Yankees.


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