It's been long enough since the New York Yankees last made it to the World Series, and that much-awaited 28th title has slipped right through their fingers lately despite spending a lot of money on their payroll.

That doesn't mean that the Bronx Bombers will stop pursuing top-tier free agents though. If anything, they know they have to address a couple of spots in their roster if they want to keep up with the other powerhouses in MLB, and this might as well be a perfect opportunity to do so.

With many team owners looking to avoid big expenses amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the New York Yankees could swoop right in and make the most of the opportunity to lure some stars to put an end to their title drought. In the following paragraphs, we'll let you know the top 3 players they should target.

3. Yadier Molina

Molina has been with St. Louis since 2004. (Getty)

While he's a lifelong St. Louis Cardinals and unlikely to ever play for another team, the 38-year-old Yadier Molina would allow them to finally move from Gary Sánchez's erratic play and have a true elite catcher.

Molina could be a cheaper option than JT Realmuto due to his age, and there's no denying his leadership, experience, timely hitting, and great defense. That's assuming he's in fact willing to leave the Cardinals.

2. JT Realmuto

The Phillies traded for Realmuto in 2018. (Getty)

JT Realmuto is going to be at the top of many team's wishlists in the offseason, with the New York Mets reportedly eager to make a run at him. Then again, if the Yankees want him, they know they can get them as long as they're willing to meet the price.

Realmuto is younger than Molina and could become a long-time solution for Aaron Boone's side. Needless to say, he'd also be a massive improvement from Gary Sánchez, who's reportedly available in trade talks.

1. Trevor Bauer

Bauer only signs one-year deals. (Getty)

And last but not least, the New York Yankees must take a chance on Trevor Bauer. He recently said that he doesn't hold grudges towards Gerrit Cole from their days at UCLA and he's by far the best free-agent pitcher right now.

The Yankees' rotation is diminished and they've been craving another elite arm for years now. Bauer's personality will always raise some doubts but, coming off a CY Young season, they must make a run at him.