MLB came back with a new, exciting season trying to return to normalcy. The pandemic outbreak in 2020 was a huge nightmare for the best baseball competition in the world, as it had to be halted at first, and then returned but in a completely different way from the conventional format. 

The regular season will have 162 games again, the playoffs presumably will take place as expected, and more importantly, fans are going to be present for all the action in person. Even though there will be a different capacity allowed even for the most popular MLB teams, every franchise will receive at least a limited amount of fans to their venue.

As the Opening Day arrived and the beautiful baseball grounds opened their doors for supporters, here we are going to take a look at each stadium's allowed capacity for this first round and the rest of the season.

The allowed capacity for each MLB team

As the MLB desired and worked hard to kick off the new season in a similar way to normal years, the decision of receiving fans to the stadiums again was an important step to pursue that goal. But obviously, that doesn't mean that the pandemic shouldn't be taken into account.

That's why most of the MLB grounds will receive fans but with restricted capacity, while other important measures will be followed to ensure a safe activity. There's only one team that will have full capacity on their venue for the Opening Day, who are the Texans Rangers

Data: Anxios Research, Chart: Andrew Witherspoon/Anxios

As can be seen in the picture, most of the stadiums will allow between 20% and 30% of full capacity to guarantee physical distance. The teams that will start receiving fewer spectators will be the Nationals, the Red Sox, the Blue Jays, and the Mariners. However, throughout the year there will probably be many changes from one game to another, according to the situation in every district.