There is no doubt: the Golden State Warriors have tyrannized the NBA with an overwhelming dominance in the last 5 years. This of course has a direct "culprit" in point guard Stephen Curry, but there are also more responsible. 

And if at the time the kids of the nineties fell in love with basketball thanks to the exploits of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Phil Jackson with the Chicago Bulls; or the generations of the 21st century adored Kobe Bryant's Lakers, the benchmarks of the last five years are undoubtedly Curry's Warriors. 

Thus, the debate opens: after the obvious contribution of The Human Torch, who would occupy the second place in the list of great jewels or most precious treasures of the Golden State Warriors? NBA legend Charles Barkley opened the conversation with a controversial contribution.

If not Draymond Green, who is the second pillar of the Warriors?

Sir Charles is known for his constant extroversion in the media that has led him to create and enter into controversy after expressing his opinion on various topics. And the Golden State Warriors were now at the center of his statements after pointing out that after Stephen Curry, there is another element with which the Dubs should be very grateful for the success they have achieved recently. And no, it's neither Draymond Green nor Kevin Durant.

So, Bob Myers was the second-best thing to happen to the Warriors since Steph Curry the last few years. So, give Bob Myers some credit. And, obviously, Otto Porter played great. Drafting Jordan Poole. You talk about Steph and those guys, give Bob Myers a ton of credit. He deserves it.”, stated Charles Barkley according to Sports Illustrated via Clutch Points.

Golden State's current General Manager came to the team in 2011 as an assistant to the position he holds. A year later, he took full charge of the department to lay the foundations for the success of his team based on a neat management that includes great sensitivity when making signings, as happened at the time when he integrated Kevin Durant to the team to make it unstoppable. Without a doubt, Bob Myers deserves more attention than he usually receives.