Injuries are a part of the game. It's the worst part, we can all agree on that, but - most of the time - injuries just can't be avoided, especially in the playoffs when all the stars have endured the burden of a long and tough season.

It's not unusual to see stars getting hurt in the playoffs. Needless to say, that always takes a toll on their team's chances of going the distance and winning the NBA Championship. This time, however, it seems like things have taken a huge turn.

You could literally make a couple of All-Star rosters with the superstars that have missed time in the playoffs - not to mention players who were limited like LeBron James - before being knocked out.

NBA Playoffs 2021: All The Stars Who Were Injured


+ Chris Paul: Bruised shoulder, Covid-19
+ Mike Conley: Hamstring
+ Donovan Mitchell: Injury
+ Kawhi Leonard: ACL
+ Anthony Davis: Ankle
+ Jamal Murray: Knee

Kawhi Leonard. (Getty)


+ Kemba Walker: Knee
+ Trae Young: Bone bruise
+ James Harden: Hamstring
+ Kyrie Irving: Ankle, Lower-leg
+ Jaylen Brown: Knee
+ Giannis Antetokounmpo: Knee
+ Joel Embiid: Knee

Kyrie Irving. (Getty)

Some people claim that last year's season shouldn't have an asterisk. Instead, this should be the asterisk season as all teams have endured the loss of one or a couple of stars on their way to the championship.

At the end of the day, it seems like it won't be the best team standing but the healthier team. But, then again, that's all a part of the game, and all the teams that made it to the Conference Finals have enough arguments to be considered legit champions.

Hopefully, all these players will be back at full strength next season. We can't avoid injuries and they will always be a part of sports, but that doesn't mean we should take anything away from the team that ends on top this year.