Someone should tell Ben Simmons that you can't have it all in life. He can either suit up and join the Philadelphia 76ers to collect his huge paycheck, or he can continue to hold out as he waits to be traded to another NBA team. 

But according to several reports, it seems like Simmons' camp didn't think the Sixers were for real when they threatened to fine him for every game he missed. And now that he's lost roughly $360,000 in one game alone, he might be reconsidering his tantrum.

The former first-overall pick saw how $8.25 million of his salary were sent to an escrow account and reached out to the Players' Association to try and see if he could get some of that money back if he was traded. Sadly, you can't always win.

Ben Simmons Wants To Get Paid Despite Not Showing Up To Work

“After being fined for missing Philadelphia’s preseason loss to the Toronto Raptors on Monday night — a penalty of roughly $360,000 — Simmons’ representation had another discussion with the players association in which it was reiterated they would be unable to recoup the money being deducted from the $8.25 million sitting in escrow, sources say, and it was communicated to the Sixers that these early fines were perhaps higher than they expected," reported Kyle Neubeck of the Philly Voice.

"This is not money Simmons can get back in the event Philadelphia eventually accedes to his wish to be traded," Reported Bobby Marks of ESPN. "The team that chooses to trade for him cannot agree to pay Simmons the money he is owed in fines from Philadelphia. Instead, Simmons would only be able to get some, or all, of the fine money back by coming to a settlement with the 76ers, who would have no incentive to do so."


Simmons basically wants to keep his pay despite not showing his face and bailing on the team. That's not how real life works. So, it seems like he's going to have to make a decision pretty soon.