Several months ago, the Golden State Warriors were reportedly considering taking LaMelo Ball with the second overall pick of the NBA draft. In fact, they even told him they were going to pick him, but they took James Wiseman instead.

LaMelo ended up joining the Charlotte Hornets and he's thrived thus far, showing superstar potential and leading them to playoff contention. The Warriors, on the other hand, have been as inconsistent as their prized rookie.

For months, LaMelo's father LaVar campaigned for the Warriors not to take his son. He claimed that he wouldn't get enough shots with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson on the team, which is a fair argument.

LaVar Ball Didn't Want LaMelo To Join The Warriors Because He Doesn't Like Steve Kerr

Now, however, it seems like that was not the reason behind LaVar's campaign. If anything, he didn't want his son to play for the Warriors because he doesn't like Steve Kerr, who publically criticized him multiple times:

“ …This is what I’m thinking: I called Steve Kerr the Milli Vanilli of coaching. Don’t get mad at me cuz that’s what it is, but he’s gonna hold something against my son if he starts doing some stuff and this what he gonna say ‘we don’t do that around here.’ Now you got Melo trying to play the game listening to me and the guy he works for. That ain’t gon — you can’t perform like that, you can’t have that over your head,” LaVar said in an interview with ESPN LA 710.

“He called me the Kardashian of basketball. All he do is [call me] Lavar Ball, we would’ve been fine. I call him the Milli Vanilli cuz you aint coaching, you’re just standing up. The team that won a championship, I could coach that team with my eyes closed. Let me tell you this, I can coach all them guys better than what they’re doing because less coaching is the best coaching,” Ball concluded.

This is not a surprise at all. In fact, LaVar Ball was one of the biggest reasons why teams were wary of reaching out to LaMelo in the first place. Gladly, he's taken off on his own and his father will continue to try and grab as much attention as he can.