Trey Lance and Brock Purdy should not be so comfortable. The San Francisco 49ers have signed a former 3rd-overall pick to compete with them for the starting quarterback role for the upcoming season.

2022 was not the best year for 49ers quarterbacks. Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo got injured during the regular season, so Brock Purdy had to step up for the team. Unfortunately, he underwent an elbow surgery and he is not expected to be ready for the beginning of the 2023 campaign.

Jimmy G is now with the Raiders, so the 49ers had to sign another quarterback while Trey Lance and Brock Purdy recover. It is a huge move and he's hungry to prove he can be a starter again.

49ers put pressure on Trey Lance by signing former 3rd-overall pick

Even though Trey Lance is set to be the 49ers starter once he recovers from his injury, San Francisco needs a quarterback to begin the 2023 season and compete in the games that the 22-year-old is unable to play.

For that reason, San Francisco signed the 2018 3rd-overall Draft pick. Sam Darnold will play for his third NFL team after being part of the New York Jets and the Carolina Panthers.

The NFC South squad is Darnold's most recent team. He lost the starter job to Baker Mayfield and then to P.J. Walker, so this opportunity is huge for him to prove he can lead an offense again.