The biggest question for the 2023 NFL campaign is if Tom Brady will play. The quarterback is a pending free-agent and of course retirement is an option, but if he decides to return for his 24th campaign, he has three teams as his main options.

Football world is waiting for Tom Brady to take one of the most important decisions of his career. The quarterback could retire for the 2023 campaign, but the rumors say he may return for one last ride.

During this offseason, Brady will definitely think if retirement is the best option. But according to some reports, the quarterback has narrowed down his options to three teams in case he decided to play for another season.

Tom Brady narrows down his options for 2023 to only three teams

The upcoming offseason will probably be one of the most important for the NFL. After 23 seasons, Tom Brady could be putting an end on his successful career... or not?

With the end of the Buccaneers campaign, rumors started to surround Brady regarding his next landing spot. But now, the quarterback has reportedly selected the three teams that could tempt him to return in 2023.

Jeremy Fowler from ESPN has reported that there are three teams interested in Tom Brady. Two of those teams were not revealed, but the other that has been named is the Las Vegas Raiders.

The AFC West squad could be the perfect landing spot for Brady as they need a quarterback with Derek Carr out of the team. He would be interested in the Raiders to play against for Josh McDaniels, his former coach at the New England Patriots.