It took a hard fought election but Joe Biden became the 46th President of the United States of America. He is no stranger to the sports world, Biden himself was a halfback and wide receiver in his high school days. Even being a part of an undefeated senior year season with his high school. He was also a baseball player and an avid MLB fan, the 46° President of the United States has attended National and New York Yankee games throughout his public life.

Joe Biden took very different stances on issues relating to race, police brutality, the environment, and CODVID-19 than President Donald Trump. It has been through many of these issues that sports stars came out publicly to support him in his bid to become President of the United States.

Endorsements from public figures like Lebron James or Steve Kerr may have swayed the election in Biden’s favor since sports stars and celebrities have such a powerful hold on American culture. Let’s take a look at 20 athletes who publicly came out in favor of the President of the United States Joe Biden.

Steve Kerr – NBA Coach

Steve Kerr (Getty)

Kerr has been very critical of Donald Trump’s Presidency; he even has gone as far as participating in a virtual phone bank to help raise awareness for voter turnout in Arizona. In said awareness campaign, he encouraged the voters to place their votes for Biden.

Robbie Rogers – Former MLS Player

Robbie Rogers (Getty)

Rogers was the first MLS player to ever come out as openly Gay, Rogers turned up at a Biden virtual rally for LGBTQ Supporters, in said rally, Biden renewed his commitment to support the LGBTQ community if he is elected over Trump.

Billie Jean King – Former Tennis Player

Billie Jean King (Getty)

King came out in support of Biden on Twitter stating, "The change I dream of celebrating is an America where we can live & love authentically, & where every marginalized community is ensured equality,”. She received the 2009 Medal of Freedom from then U.S. President Barack Obama.

Carey Hart - Former Professional Freestyle Motocross

Carey Hart with his wife the singer Pink. (Getty)

Hart came out in support of Biden after his wife Pink was criticized for wearing a Biden – Harris shirt on social media. Hart defended his wife with the following statement: “I’ll try to keep this short; Yes Biden has been in politics for 47 years. Reason I am voting for him is because I ‘hope’ he puts together a great team that will do positive things. And that is what most of Trump’s high-profile early [supporters were] planning for him to do. But his narcissism kicked in and away he went.

Adam Rippon – Figure Skater 

Adam Rippon (Getty)

Rippon took to Twitter to show his support for Biden, in his Tweet he states: The America that the RNC is threatening will happen with a president Biden is CURRENTLY HAPPENING UNDER TRUMP!!! I can’t wait to vote. #BidenHarris

Mick Foley – Former WWE Star

Mick Foley (Getty)

The former wrestler turned best selling author told People Magazine he was voting for Biden because “I do think this is a matter between right and wrong. I think that democracy’s at stake… I know the country’s very divided and I have a pretty diverse following. But as things progressed in this administration, I just felt like we were going down a really bad and dangerous path. I just wanted to have some public record for my own children and grandchildren to point to decades down the road to show that their father, or their grandfather, at least tried to do something.

Megan Rapinoe – US Women’s Soccer Player

Megan Rapinoe (Getty)

The USWNT star offered to be Biden’s running mate in May 2020, so she is very much in the Biden camp. Rapinoe has been a huge critic of Donald Trump’s presidency and has not been afraid to express it, she once told the Guardian that the USWNT is "everything Trump loves – except that we're powerful women', as a jab at the President, who she has stated is sexist and misogynistic. 

Brandon Lloyd – Former NFL Player

Brandon Lloyd (Getty)

Lloyd has posted various pro-Biden Tweets on twitter in the last few months, he is clearly a supporter of the former Vice- President and is trying to sway key states like Colorado in favor of Biden. He attended a Biden pre-debate party prior to the first presidential debate. 

Magic Johnson – Former NBA Player

Magic Johnson (Getty)

The former NBA superstar Magic Johnson endorsed Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris in August. He posted on Twitter "Cookie and I are very happy with Presidential candidate Joe Biden's decision to select Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate. We have happily supported Kamala throughout her career over the years!"

Chris Paul – NBA Player

Chris Paul (Getty)

Chris Paul recently stated that almost 90% of all NBA players are registered to vote and given the NBA’s criticism of Trump it looks like all those votes will be going Biden’s way. Paul has had various online discussions with Biden. Paul told CNN recently, “This president, he demonizes athletes, calls them SOBs and that sort of thing,” Lemon said. “He uses it as a political tool, but what do you say to his supporters who disagree with the protests in sports?

Elena Delle Donne – WNBA Player

Elena Delle Donne (Getty)

Delle Donne and Biden have golfed together and when Delle Donne went down with an injury Biden Tweeted well wishes. They have both chatted a few times and Delle Donne is outspoken about Sports Inclusion.

Garry Kasparov – Chess Champion

Garry Kasparov (Getty)

Kasparov has been outspoken about President Trump, he once tweeted regarding Biden and Trump: Biden is good here, and compared to Trump's self-serving blather he sounds like a combination of Churchill and FDR. And it's not "Trump bashing" to point out that his incompetent egoism is costing lives.

Doc Rivers – NBA Coach

Doc Rivers (Getty)

Joe Biden actually quoted Doc Rivers in one of his speeches, in the wake of Jacob Blake, Rivers, who when Kamala Harris was named Biden’s running mate said, “It’s just beautiful… Very cool to see them on the stage. We’ve had our first Black president in President Obama and now we have a chance to have not only a Black vice president, but a woman as well.”

Stan Van Gundy – NBA Coach

Stan Van Gundy (Getty)

The New Orleans Pelicans coach took to Twitter to lend his support to Biden stating: I support Joe Biden. But when has our country been dedicated to equality, liberty and human dignity? During slavery? Jim Crow? Unpunished lynchings? Mass incarceration?  Great to promote your ideals, but let’s not propagate a myth. Let’s be honest about who we are and have been.

Martina Navratilova – Former Tennis Player

Martina Navratilova (Getty)

The former legendary Woman’s Tennis player took to Twitter to show her support for the former Vice- President: I am with Joe Biden all the way- let’s get this country back to where it was before the orange man started destroying it!!!

Chris Bosh – Former NBA Player

Chris Bosh (Getty)

The former NBA star celebrated with applause on Instagram when Joe Biden named Kamala Harris as his running mate. Bosh has been one of many former and current NBA players who have supported the Biden- Harris ticket, especially since the NBA seems to be public enemy number one for Donald Trump. 

Phill Drobnick - American curler

Phill Drobnick (Twitter)

Drobnick has been showing his support for Biden on social media where he tweeted in September: I really enjoyed listening to Amy Klobuchar and Richard Trumka tonight on the MN for Joe Biden zoom call. Joe will stand with the working class to ensure we have a better quality of life! Thanks to all who participated. #TeamJoe #BidenForMN #VoteBlue2020

Mike Holmgren – Former NFL Coach

Mike Holmgren (Getty)

The former Green Bay Packers coach recently stated that President Donald Trump failed to handle the COVID-19 pandemic, since the Packers are publicly owned he stated, "The people own the football team, and yet the stadium’s going to be empty… It didn’t have to be this bad, I don’t think." In the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

Michelle Kwan – Former Figure Skater

Michelle Kwan (Getty)

The two-time Olympic medalist Michelle Kwan joined Joe Biden’s presidential campaign team; she took on the role of surrogate director. She is a devout Democrat as she worked in a similar capacity for Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the last election.

LeBron James – NBA Player

LeBron James (Getty)

Maybe no other athlete has been more vocal of President Trump than Lebron James. James has been adamant about issues of Black Lives Matter and other policies of the president. James spoke to ViceTV recently and pledge his support to Biden and stated, "We are at a time where we need change. In order for change to occur it's all about leadership, and leadership starts at the top.