As millions of Americans enter the voting booths for the 2020 Presidental Elections, NBA superstar LeBron James is letting his fans know who he wants to see become the next president of the United States. LeBron James posted a picture of support for Democratic candidate Joe Biden. 

LeBron James and Donald Trump have been fighting a sort of social media war, with the President attacking NBA players for not kneeling during the national anthem, and recently attacked LeBron James in a rally in Pennsylvania. LeBron James on the other hand has frequently shown support for Joe Biden and voiced his opinion when it comes to social movements like Black Lives Matter.

On his post in Instagram, Lebron James has already received more than 1 million likes but there have been comments from many telling him to not post political messages and to just play basketball. LeBron James called the president a “bum” three years ago after Stephen Curry declined to go to the White House with the then NBA champions Golden State Warriors. Trump then uninvited Curry which led to LeBron James calling him a “bum” in an interview.

LeBron James endorses Joe Biden with Instagram Post

The post states “We need EVERYTHING to change and it all starts tomorrow.”  James has been adamant about issues of Black Lives Matter and other policies of the president. James spoke to ViceTV and pledge his support to Biden and stated, "We are at a time where we need change. In order for change to occur it's all about leadership, and leadership starts at the top." 

Donald Trump only yesterday attacked the NBA, their television ratings, and LeBron James for taking a knee during the national anthem. The crowd of Trump supporters began a chant of “LeBron sucks”, to the amusement of the president.