The day has finally arrived and the countdown has ended. Before witnessing one of the most anticipated matches, Manchester City vs. Inter, we saw Anitta, Alesso and Burna Boy take over the Kick Off Show.

As is the case with almost every UEFA Champions League final, prior to the teams’ clash, a show dedicated to the fans and spectators watching the most-watched sporting event takes place.

Last year, Camila Cabello was chosen to be the sole protagonist of the show presented by Pepsi. We saw how the singer sparked numerous memes and reactions from her fans, and it seems that this year has been no different.

What were the best memes and reactions from the Kick Off Show?

Despite Anitta, Alesso, and Burna Boy delivering a great performance on the Pepsi stage in just 15 minutes, it was not enough to prevent a massive influx of memes and reactions from the spectators.

Social media, especially Twitter, exploded during the Kick Off Show. Users were quick to post their emotions, especially after Burna Boy was not shown too much. Also, many compared the event to the SuperBowl Half Time Show…