Now that the 2023 UEFA Champions League Kick Off Show has taken place, many of the event’s spectators and fans have had no problem posting on social media what they thought of the presentations.

Many resorted to the comparison with the Super Bowl Halftime Show, which this year was led by Rihanna, making her return to the stage after more than 5 years without singing live.

Pepsi was one of the organizers and the artists chosen to headline the show were Anitta and Burna Boy, along with special guest Alesso. The three stars performed some of their best hits. The Swedish DJ surprised everyone by playing Heroes.

Why was the Kick Off Show compared to the Halftime Show?

Users on social networks, especially Twitter, went crazy after the 2023 UEFA Champions League Kick Off Show began. The most recurrent comment was that the event was a simple copy of the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Apparently, the similar style of the presentations was not something that did not please the viewers and they did not hesitate to post their criticisms during the show. Another complaint was that not much of Burna Boy was seen.