Let’s be honest for a second. Everybody wants to have a drone. Even if we don’t know how to use it or what to buy it for, the potential is endless there. You could literally do it all, from spy on your friends to take incredible pictures.

More often than not, curious drone users end up in the middle of nowhere, taking snaps and videos of the city, the mountains, and whatnot. But from time to time, something amazing happens and they’re right there to see it.

Thus, there have been plenty of scary, creepy, weird, funny, or even bizarre things caught by drones over the past couple of years and today, we’re going to show you the 25 best and most impressive of them.

25. Get off my yard

Relax, man! - The Clever

Well, freedom is a two-way street. Some people think they have the right to wander around with their drones, while others think that they have the right to shoot said drone to the ground. 

So, apparently, this guy didn’t feel like being spied on and didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger on this drone. This one’s likely the last picture it ever took, and now everybody will think twice before trespassing on his property. 

24. Cornfield clown

Who’s that guy? - Daily Stuff

Ok, this one’s flat out bizarre and kind of scary. Imagine being wandering around with your drone to try and take pictures of animals around the cornfields and then watching a clown in the middle of nowhere.

I mean, that’s a human clown, not a scarecrow, and the guy was there for some reason. Perhaps this is staged, perhaps it was a teaser for a new Slipknot video. I don’t care, but I need an explanation. Like, right now.

23. Crop circles

Aliens or bored farmers? - Drone Reality

For ages crop circles have been a subject of controversies. More often than not, conspiracy theorists, UFO lovers, and teenagers flood the internet and social media with those pictures, allegedly messages from higher civilizations.

However, it’s more likely that those crop circles are the work of bored farmers and people that just wants to fool others. There hasn’t been any evidence actually pointing that they came from above.

22. SHARK!

That was close - Viral Army

Sometimes we just don’t know how close to death we are. This kitesurfer, for instance, was pretty close to meeting her God and the scariest thing is the fact that she was completely unaware of it.

Fortunately, her friends on the shore saw the shark looming around with the drone and warned her to get the hell out of the water ASAP. There were no casualties that day, but it was pretty close.

21. Granite giant

It’s kind of adorable - IcePop

Some UFO-heads may think this was the work of those guys from outer space but actually, this incredible 100-foot statue was made by Jimmy Boyle, a convicted felon from Edinburg, Scotland. 

However, all that’s left of it now is one of its feet, as the place became a community hazard because it interrupted their flood prevention schemes. Also, kids were using it as playing ground and neighbors got sick of it.

20. Fossil Rock

This looks like out of a Mad Max movie - LifeBuzz

You just can’t visit the United Arab Emirates and not take a trip to the fossil rock. Tourists from all over the world travel there to climb all the way to the summit and take a look a the Arabian desert.

Obviously, you must be quite cautious when climbing it, as a bad step can end in a catastrophe. You can also go around it in a car and visitors can take a look at it from up to 25 miles away.

19. Post-Katrina Six Flags

This is so sad - YouTube

The Katrina hurricane aftermath was just terrible. The community of New Orleans was vastly affected by the storm and it was just mayhem all over the place. A perfect example of this was the city’s Six Flags.

The park was submerged in the water following the catastrophe and it looked just abandoned and flat out sad. Fortunately, the city’s spirit never sunk and they’re back on their feet and stronger than ever.

18. Beware of the cheetah

He just wants to play! - YouTube

Cheetahs are one of the fastest and most fascinating animals on the planet. Their light bodies and ergonomics help them reach incredible speeds that can go from 60 mph to as fast as 75 mph.

So, when they set their eyes on a drone, they actually stand a chance to take them down, as you can tell by this little guy here wondering what kind of bird he came across. I wonder if the drone managed to escape.

17. Sunbathing on top of a wind turbine

He didn’t want to be seen - Gotgravy

Well, most people make the most of the summer by sunbathing on their backyards. The boldest take their bodies to the park and show it off to the rest of us, but this guy really took it up a notch.

Apparently, he didn’t want to be disturbed and wanted to be as close as the sun as he could. Thus, he climbed all the way to the top of a wind turbine and a drone user happened to catch him. C’mon man, get off of it!

16. Beheading

Perfect timing - The Richest

Once again, a member of ISIS showed us one of the most atrocious pictures you’ll come across on the internet, as they were just about to behead a thief in the Anbar Province, the largest governorate in Iraq.

Apparently, this poor guy was in the wrong place at the wrong time and people snitched on him to the terrorists for breaking Sharia law. The punishment, as you can tell by the picture, was definite.

15. Tornado aftermath

This is devastating - Wikimedia Commons

Natural catastrophes are obviously terrible. However, the aftermath is just too impressive not to try and take several pictures of it. This one’s from the massive series of tornadoes in Mayflower, Arkansas in 2014.

The tornado ripped through the core of the city and completely devastated everything on its way. It literally destroyed everything as if it were just a pile of Legos, as you can tell by this heartbreaking picture.

14. Niagara Falls

The Falls span the border between Ontario, Canada; and New York, United States - Kolibik Foto

Located on the Niagara River, the Niagara Falls are a combination of three waterfalls that pretty much limit the U.S and Canada. At their peak, they show one of the most beautiful spectacles nature can create.

People from all around the world travel there year after year to take a glimpse at its majestic waterfalls and its 187 feet of free-falling water. They were partially frozen for the last time in 2019.

13. Kilauea Caldera

I actually want to get closer to it - Tushev Aerials

Hawaii is known for its beaches and its volcanoes. However, for obvious reasons, we don’t actually get to see those volcanoes from within close range, as there is plenty of activity on its core and it's just not safe.

Luckily for us, the guys from Tushev Aerials got a couple of snaps from the Halemaumau Crater in the Kilauea Caldera in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. It looks like it is just about to erupt and burst into flames.

12. Badass farmer

He’s crazy - YouTube

Farmers work their hearts off from day to night, 24-7-365. No breaks allowed. That’s why they take care of their crops with their lives if necessary. However, this badass farmer took things a bit too far this time.

The farmer took it on to himself to stop this massive fire. He ran out to destroy a portion of his crops for the fire to stop and protect the rest of his land. He could’ve died, but fortunately, he lived to tell the story.

11. Mexico City

There’s no more room - Shutterstock 

Mexico City has the highest population density and one of the highest pollution levels on earth and you can easily tell by this picture. I mean, there’s literally no more room for housing, parking, not even walking. 

Mexico’s capital holds up to 21 million people. Given the nature of the land, they’ve built their houses even at the top of the hills and plateaus. The city is just incredibly crowded but somehow they’re still building.

10. Hong Kong skyscrapers

Feeling dizzy? - YouTube

Hong Kong also has one of the higher population densities in the world. Moreover, given the fact that they’ve been a technology hub for decades, they also have plenty of skyscrapers that hold billion-dollar companies.

This picture was taken with a special drone that could fly over their hundred-story buildings and it looks like something out of The Sims. They have over seven million people within their walls.

9. Iraq bombing

This is atrocious - The Richest

Unbelievably, we’re still witnessing the chaos of war in the Middle East in the midst of the 21st Century. This snap was taken by a member of the ISIS terrorist organization and is just a glimpse of the terrors of war.

ISIS and several other terrorist groups often take pics of their attacks as a means of intimidation towards their peers and rivals. Hopefully, it’ll all come to an end pretty soon and we won’t have to look at these pics anymore.

8. Auschwitz

This is just creepy - The Richest

Auschwitz was the home of hundreds of atrocities made by Nazi officials. Thousands of Jewish families were sent to the concentration camps to be tortured, experimented with, or flat out killed.

Official records claim they had over 1.3 million inmates and 1.1 million kills on their extermination camps until the Soviet Union liberated them on January 25th, 1945. It’s just a reminder of how evil can people be.

7. Pacific Coast Highway

Talking about vertigo - Romeoch

The Californian coast holds some of the most beautiful landscapes in the U.S. Also, it’s the home of one of the most dangerous and impressive highways you’ll ever come across, as you can tell by this snap.

The Pacific Coast Highway (A.K.A PCH) at Big Sur, California connects San Diego with San Francisco. You can complete the 656-mile route in about 10 hours. Most bikers claim is a life-changing experience. 

6. Icelandic river

Do you want to take a swim? - Twitter via @Tidadou

No, don’t clean your glasses or adjust the settings of the screen. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just the way the picture looks. This Icelandic delta river looks like something out of a Dali or Van Gogh painting.

Nevertheless, it was a photo taken by Max Foster. He sent his drone over 1,500 feet in the air to capture this impressive picture. It’s incredible how nature can do these kinds of wonders. It never ceases to amaze.

5. Basilica of Saint Francis

It looks like it’s floating - Twitter via @tehnoprostir

Saint Francis of Assisi became one of the most important religious figures in Europe. Thus, Catholics really paid their respects by putting together one of the most impressive structures in the world: the Basilica of Saint Francis.

Located in Umbria, Italy, and built in 1228, the Basilica has a couple of churches and a crypt where Saint Francis’ remains lie. This picture makes it seem like it’s far away from town, but it actually holds millions of tourists on a yearly basis.

4. Erupting volcano

I always wanted to see that - YouTube

Face it. We’re all incredibly curious about how lava and magma actually look and have always wanted to see an erupting volcano. Luckily for us, these guys caught it all on tape while flying around this active volcano.

Notably, there have been plenty of attempts to capture these kinds of things on tape but the heat has literally melted the drones from inside. So don’t try this at home or without the appropriate equipment, kids.

3. Tightrope maniac

I can’t even watch this - Hanower

Some people are suckers for adrenaline. They just need that boost and buzz to live their life, and that’s fine by them. If you don’t take our word for it, just take a look at this tightrope enthusiast taking a walk.

This guy didn’t have a better idea than to go tight roping way above the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He’s going from one side of the hill to another, and I just pray to God he has some kind of protection underneath in case he falls down.

2. Is that a house?

How did they build that? - Twitter via @LilyjoyNaz1

If you’ve dreamed about being left all alone at home then this is the right house for you. Located in Katskhi Pillar in Western Georgia (almost Russia), this house stands at 140 feet tall. Yes, that’s crazy.

Apparently, a solitary monk lives there right now and he only comes down once or twice a week at most. I don’t know about you guys, but I think that’s all the cardio I’d need for over a month. Wow! 

1. Mont Saint-Michel

This can’t be real - YouTube

Built in 708 AD in Normandy, France, as the vision of the Bishop Aubert of Avranches, Mont Saint-Michel is one of the world’s best-kept secrets. Given its nature, it was considered a fortress for many centuries.

However, this beautiful and impressive castle is actually just a monastery, although it looks like something out of The Little Mermaid or any other Disney film. This picture was caught during a travel photography contest.