Gym and fitness life isn’t for everybody. I mean, technically, we could - and should - all workout and have a healthy lifestyle but let’s not fool each other, some people just don’t have a clue of what they’re doing or simply don’t enjoy it.

That’s why it’s so important to have the proper guidance when working out. Not only because you’ll look ridiculous but also because you could suffer a major injury that’ll stop you from achieving your fitness goals.

More often than not, people just do whatever they want in the gym and then complain about the lack of results. That’s why today, we’re going to show you some of the 25 funniest gym photos of people definitely not working out:

25. McRipped

That’s McCrazy.

Most of us go to the gym to get rid of our fast-food extra weight. Then, some of us gain it right back at the weekend while ordering a burger with fries on the side and a large soda.

That’s why it seems like Ronald McDonald’s wanted to lead by example. If you want to get McRipped, you better drop the Big Mac and start lifting some McWeights, my man.

24. Multitasking

I wonder what he's reading.

There’s always that person in the gym that spends more time reading and scrolling through his texts that actually working out. Still, it seems like this guy took things a bit too far.

He’s not pretending anymore. He doesn’t want to fool anybody. He flat out laid down to enjoy some light reading instead of lifting some heavy weights. I respect your honesty, man.

23. The Splitter

This is disturbing.

People of all ages should exercise. That doesn’t mean that they should do it on their own, and gyms should designate personal trainers to walk them through their fitness journey.

This is a prime example of why. I mean, this ma’am is clearly pretty flexible and she’s likely to have worked out earlier on her life but c’mon, this is just dangerous. Get her down of there.

22. The Motivator

We all need that friend.

We’ve all experienced the exhaustion and fatigue that comes after a long workout. Sometimes it feels like we just don’t have enough left in the tank to finish the day. It happens.

That’s why this guy took it on to him to motivate people on the gym by dressing up as a Mario Kart character. I mean, if that doesn’t push you forward, then nothing else will, for sure.

21. Margaritas!

She’s a legend.

Booze is also a no-go when working out. It has empty calories and will most likely shut down your progress. But, who cares about that when you’re turning 99 years old? Not this lady, for sure.

So, she went to the gym to celebrate among her beloved gals and enjoy a fine margarita in the middle of her workout. Judging by the look in her eyes, she has zero regrets.

20. Thor, Is That You?

Where are the rest of the Avengers?

You’ll always come across those incredibly ripped, protein shake-filled tanks that spend most of their life on the gym. However, how often do you run into the God of Thunder himself?

Apparently, either Thor, Chris Hemsworth, or a diehard nordic mythology fan work out on this gym or they just wanted to prank their clients. Either way, I wouldn't dare to touch that hammer.

19. Marching Band

The ultimate motivation.

Sometimes we need some help during those last 10 minutes of cardio. That’s when this marching band comes into place. They must be the ultimate source of motivation.

I mean, if you don’t get pumped by them cheering for you, you’ll definitely want to get out of there as soon as possible to stop listening to them. Either way, you’ll get the job done.

18. If You Say So

Let’s nap then!

There are days when we’re just not that motivated. We try to look for signs and decide to quit at the slightest sign we get. This time, the treadmill had a pretty clear message for this user.

So, if running isn’t a good idea, what should I do then? Should I jump on the bike or do some jumping jacks? Or should I just quit and go straight to Denny’s? I mean, the treadmill has spoken!

17. The Professional

He took it a bit too far.

No gym is complete without those people with all the training gear ever made. They look like characters out of a videogame rather than people trying to work out, like this guy right here.

This man thought he was in the midst of the Tour de France and dressed up entirely to get some cardio in his local gym. You know what they say, fake it ‘til you make it, am I right?

16. Failure Story

You should go to another gym.

Most gyms always have some pictures of their biggest success stories to motivate newcomers and the rest of their clients. This time, obviously, it wasn’t the case.

So, unless they just recently opened their doors or are just trying to prank their customers, I’d strongly recommend you cancel your membership. They’re literally scamming people.

15. Too Much Arc

Get a trainer, man.

This is a prime example of how you could get seriously injured by not knowing what the hell you’re doing. This guy literally arched his entire back like one of the aliens from Men In Black.

Needless to say, it’s pretty clear that his gym buddy is also clueless about how to bench press. Either that or he’s enjoying seeing him suffer with his face that close to his groin.

14. That’s Not How You Do It

Who’s going to tell her?

This girl clearly knows how to stay fit, so there’s a slight chance that she knows what she’s doing. However, there’s a much bigger chance that she’s going to break her neck in half.

Misusing the machines could have serious consequences on our health and bodies. Next time, just ask for help or read the instructions on the sides of the machines. You could even Google it, c’mon.

13. That Looks Dangerous

What’s he trying to do?

I don’t get what some people think they should work out with their necks. I mean, when have you seen a neck with muscle? What the hell are you going to do with a ripped neck? 

Someone should show this guy how to use this machine properly. He’s not going to be able to get out of bed tomorrow if he continues to do it this way. Once again, get some freaking guidance.

12. Seriously, Stop It

This is ridiculous.

This guy is a time bomb. He’s not in proper shape to defy gravity that way and I could see multiple injuries happening if this unnecessary and bizarre workout goes the wrong way.

I know it’s pretty funny and all but people should talk him out of doing these kinds of things. For the time being, we’ll just have a good laugh at his expense and hope he doesn’t get hurt.

11. I’ve Had Enough

She just quitted.

There are days when we literally run out of gas after getting our workout done. It seems like forever before going back home to take a shower and a good old nap to recharge our batteries.

That’s why this gal didn’t even bother leaving the gym before taking a power-nap and go on with her day. She didn’t care about anything else but to get a good rest and we totally get it.

10. The Ultimate Reward

That’s a lot of calories.

Those who love to eat spend most of their gym time dreaming about their cheat meal days. They know they have to burn all those calories before grabbing that slice of pizza or ice cream.

This guy, however, said: Why not both? Why not work out, get jacked, and get a piece of cake at the same time? Well, because that doesn’t make any sense at all, my man.

9. Gym Selfie

Say cheese!

For countless years we’ve mocked these kinds of people. They spend more time in the gym taking selfies than actually lifting or getting some cardio in. They just want people to know that they’re in the gym.

Perhaps they hadn’t seen each other in a long time, perhaps they had already gotten the job done. But, for the time being, we don’t feel like giving them the benefit of the doubt.

8. Get Out Of Here!


Most gyms have dress codes. They also have rules to prevent their customers from damaging their machines, drenching them in sweat, or make their other clients uncomfortable.

That’s why we just don’t get how this guy managed to swing by and just stay there with nothing but a towel on. I’m guessing he wanted to watch the game, but c’mon man, that’s just rude.

7. It’s All About Balance

Help him out, please.

An important part of working out is knowing when to take a break. We should also have someone to help us out when doing some exercises, as we could get seriously hurt.

This guy was apparently already worn out when he attempted to do this and, obviously, his body literally gave up on him in the middle of a series. That’s pretty dangerous and hurtful.

6. Train Your Brain

He didn’t think this through.

You know what they say: the brain is the most important muscle of the body and that’s why we should train it constantly. This guy, however, took it way too literally and clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Sir, that phrase meant doing crossword puzzles, sudokus, or any other kind of brain teasers, not literally trying to dent your skull by wrapping it around and doing whatever the hell you’re doing.

5. We Saw It Coming

It was a disaster in the making.

We must know our limits. We have to listen to our bodies and respect it. Fitness is a marathon, not a race, and even if it sounds corny, rushing will get you nowhere in the gym.

That’s why we must be pretty careful not to overdo things. This guy ignored that advice and tried to lift way more than he could handle. The result? Well, it’s pretty clear. This could have been avoided.

4. Fit Buddies

What’s going on here?

Some people claim that they lack the motivation to work out on their own and that’s why they lookup for one of their friends to find the drive they need to finally turn their lives around.

That seems to be the case with these two gym buddies. They clearly have no trouble whatsoever putting their bodies in the line to help their friends achieve their goals.

3. Call 911

This is going to end badly.

It should be the gym’s responsibility to have people looking around for the safety of their customers. This guy could have literally killed himself over a terrible misuse of this machine.

I can’t tell if he was trying to strengthen his legs, his back, his neck, or if he was just trying to take a funny picture and go viral. This simply doesn’t make any kind of sense at all. 

2. No Pain, No Gain


Sometimes we’re just minding our own business in the gym and we hear the deafening screams of pain and agony coming from those guys trying to lift way more than what they’re capable of lifting.

This seems to be the case with this guy. He’s in clear agony so we’ll assume this may be the last series of squats he’ll ever do. Luckily, he has a friend right by his side to push him and motivate him.

1. New Hairdo

She’s the ultimate multitasker.

Some people claim they don’t work out or go to the gym because they don’t have enough time to do it. While that may seem like a valid reason, others just make it work.

This granny, for instance, didn’t let her new hairdo get in the way of her daily routine and workout. I mean, why skip the gym or the salon when you can do both at the same time?