We’ve all spent countless hours waiting in an airport. Either because of flight delays, sudden changes of schedules, weather conditions, or because of that good-old paranoia of missing our flight.

It’s pretty safe to say that airports have witnessed some of the most bizarre sights in the world. I mean, at the end of the day, all kinds of people walk through its aisles daily to travel all over the world.

Thus, airport workers have plenty of hilarious stories about the things and people they’ve seen. From costumes to family members embarrassing each other, to people literally camping in the lounges. That’s why today, we’re going to show you the 25 most hilarious airport photos you'll ever see.

25. A Quick Nap

She nailed it.

We all have that friend who makes the most of every chance to take a nap. They can fall asleep in a matter of seconds. Still, they want to be as comfortable as they can.

This girl is a prime example of this. She maybe thought ‘if I’m going to be stuck here for hours, I might as well take a power-nap’. And, as you can tell by this picture, safety always comes first.

24. That’s Not Safe

Is she crazy?

Airports have countless security measurements to prevent accidents. They’re one of the safest places in the world but there are still thousands of potential accidents everywhere.

That’s why we wouldn’t encourage people - not even pilots - to take a picture right in front of the engine of a plane. She probably knows what she’s doing but that’s a dangerous example.

23. We’re Out Of Cereal

What a momma's boy.

Being a father is a wonderful and satisfying experience for most people. However, for some couples, it means that they won’t have any time for themselves for a very, very long time.

That seemed to be the case of mom and dad right here, who finally left their 30-year-old son alone at home and clearly struggled to get by in the meantime. I’m guessing he ate all that cereal in 12 hours.

22. Falcon Flight

Yes, that’s a commercial flight.

Do you remember the infamous Samuel L. Jackson movie ‘Snakes on a Plane’? Well, sometimes, reality actually beats fiction, as you can tell by the picture above.

Apparently, a Saudi Prince paid a lot of money to have his 80 falcons traveling on a commercial flight to the United Arab Emirates. I bet they got that royal treatment as well.

21. No Love Stories

Hug it out and leave.

Airports have been the setup of endless love stories. Farewells, comebacks, breakups, you name it. There have been millions of heartbreaks, kisses, and hugs between lovers.

That’s why this airport has a kiss-and-goodbye policy. Anything over three minutes will be punished somehow. So, make it quick, please, we’re all in a hurry here. You can still text each other.

20. The Chosen One Has Arrived

Someone call Luke.

Imagine this: You’re coming home from a long flight, tired as hell, wanting to take a shower and sleep it out for hours. Then, all of a sudden, you hear the imperial march in the aisles of the airport.

No, that’s not a jetlag induced hallucination. That’s actually Darth Vader being greeted by some Stormtroopers. So beware of his mind control and don’t make him wait for his bags or you’ll be severely punished.

19. I Hope That’s A Joke

That’s some welcome.

One of America’s finest traditions is embarrassing your friends and family at the airport. Either with funny signs or dressing up, that’s just something one out of every five families does.

However, we just can’t tell if these guys were up to a mean joke or if their mom was actually coming back home from jail. Whatever the case may be, they’re clearly happy for having her back home.

18. Busy Day At Work

Fire him already.

Everybody hates waiting in line. That’s why plenty of people just don’t like airports at all. They’re always making us go from one place to another, especially when we have a complaint.

It seems, however, that sometimes when they say ‘let me check this on our system’ it actually means ‘don’t bother me while I enjoy a game of Microsoft Solitaire’. C’mon, man! We want to leave.

17. Hand Luggage

I wonder if she did it on purpose.

Single moms have a pretty tough time traveling on their own. They have to deal with the babies, luggage, passports, plane tickets, you name it. Still, it seems like this one has it all under control.

Either that or she has completely lost her mind but it seems like her baby is actually enjoying being treated like hand luggage. Wonder what the scan will show when he goes through it.

16. The Planker

That’s so 2010.

Remember when planking was a thing 10 years ago? Well, apparently this girl didn’t get the memo. That trend has been off for years and it’s just not cool anymore - it never was.

Planking on some places could actually be pretty dangerous but I guess this gal will have to find out the hard way once she starts being moved around by the baggage carousel.

15. Knight Coming Through

This is a joke, right?

Most people try to avoid any wearing or carrying any metal devices when traveling by airport. We all know how tedious the situation can be when going through that metal detector.

This guy, however, didn’t seem to care. Apparently, he was on a sort of mission and wanted to protect the King from enemies far away or something like that. He sure got a lot of attention.

14. Mother Of Dragons

Poor lady.

If traveling with one kid can be a tough task just picture what it could be traveling with two, especially at such a tender age like these toddlers. The image is pretty self-explanatory.

People trying to convince you to have kids won’t show you this photo, that’s for sure. I mean, it would be a perfect ad for birth-control pills or condoms. But hey, I’m sure their mother loves them to death.

13. Refreshing

This has to be a mistake.

Airports have a lot of signs but more often than not, they’re not as clear as we would have wanted. This sign is a perfect example of it. Either that or they clearly have no health standards.

I wonder how many people have been surprised by this sign and I can guarantee you that at least 250 of them have taken a snapshot of it. I honestly hope this is a mistake.

12. Lost In Translation

That makes sense.

Translators make a lot of money and this sign is a great example as to why. I mean, we know we can translate things with apps and Google but this is a freaking airport.

The guys that made this sign clearly have no idea of the context. I mean, literally speaking, it does make sense but if you actually know the language, chances are you’ll pee yourself right after reading that.

11. Loud And Clear

Message received.

Airplanes are some of the biggest vehicles ever made by the human race. Obviously, you shouldn’t mess around with them or well, you won’t be able to tell your story, that’s for sure.

However, common sense isn’t common at all, and that’s why these guys had to literally draw up what could happen to you if you stay in behind a departing airplane. 

10. Get Comfortable

Can I help you with something?

I’ll always admire people that can just take a nap everywhere, anytime. And judging by its position and setting, this guy right here seems to be a professional in the art of napping.

‘Oh, there’s a delay? No biggie, let me just grab a couple of newspapers and I’ll make myself at home’, he said. He’s a lowkey genius, nobody can take his baggage without waking him up.

9. The Irony

He’s just teasing.

There’s always a prankster on every flight. For some reason, people just love to tease with airport security and most of the time, they’re completely ignored, and for good reason.

This guy wanted to make everybody in line laugh it up but instead, he ended up becoming mocked and viral. I wonder if the security agent had anything to say about his t-shirt.

8. That’s Going To Hurt In The Morning

That doesn’t look comfortable at all.

There are times when you take a look at a couple and just know that they’ll be together forever. That’s definitely the case with these two lovebirds waiting for their flight.

There’s nothing more romantic and intimate than taking a nap with your better half. Nevertheless, it feels like they’re going to be in a lot of pain as soon as they wake up. 

7. Who Let The Dogs Out?

Best flight ever.

You know what they say: When traveling, pack only the essentials. Well, it seems like this family took that premise way too seriously and only brought their golden retrievers with them.

I’m sure everybody in the airport had something to do with these adorable little creatures. I mean, how often do you run into 6 puppies with their very own luggage in an airport?

6. The Cookie Smuggler

This is hilarious.

You know what they say: you can never be too careful, especially in an airport. That’s why everything slightly suspicious will have to go through a meticulous and thorough review.

That seems to be the case of the person who tried to smuggle a bunch of cookies in the plane and got treated like a drug kingpin or something. He didn’t think this through.

5. Ok, That’s Funny

I hope they don’t fire him.

Few things infuriate people more than having a delayed flight. It changes pretty much their entire schedule and they’ll be forced to spend hours wandering around the airport.

That’s why this guy wanted to clear the air with a great Beastie Boys reference. It won’t make the plane leave faster but at least those hip-hop fans who get it will laugh it up.

4. Is That Snape?

Call Harry right now.

Even though the Harry Potter movie saga has been one of the most successful in history it seems like some people are just unaware of it. That must be the case with this guy, for sure.

I mean, he literally looks just like Severus Snape, one of Harry’s biggest rivals. He must hear it all the time and clearly still doesn’t have a clue of what’s people talking about. Or maybe he’s Snape.

3. That’s Invasive

Hello there, buddy!

Some people hate everyone who travels with their pets. But I mean, if the pet’s well trained it shouldn’t be a problem for anybody. Most of the time they just want to be cuddled and pet.

That seems to be the case with this adorable french bulldog, who apparently made a friend on an unexpected moment. Sadly for him, his new friend is a bit tied up at the moment.

2. Wonder What’s That For


There have been countless stories about funny items caught by airport security. From dildos to things shaped like dildos, to costumes, underwear, and whatnot, these guys have seen it all.

Still, I’m pretty sure no one in airport security history had ever seen a branch just sitting in the baggage carousel waiting for someone to claim it. I mean, what is that for? I need answers.

1. Delayed Flight? We Know Why

I hope it’s their lunch break.

How often do you have the chance to enjoy a barbecue at work? I’m guessing not too many. But if you could, you’d definitely do it now and then. I mean, I actually want to join them.

Hopefully, these guys aren’t the reason why a flight departure is delayed, although airport people don’t actually seem to care about their passenger's schedules anyway, so I think they won’t be fired.