There is no question Walmart is a store that attracts all kinds of shoppers. They go crazy as the store has affordable prices and friendly employees, which results in great customer satisfaction and they always come back.

However, occasionally the store houses some interesting shoppers. It’s normal to see customers dressed with the basic necessities while shopping, but there are some people who go in a very peculiar way. In fact, there are customers who will literally dress in a party costume while they do their shopping.

That's why today, we are going to count down the 25 Walmart shoppers who were dressed to kill.

25. Need new clothes? 

This man went shopping wearing a Harley Quinn costume.

Was it laundry day or did this man just lose all his clothes? The thing is he went shopping dressed like Harley Quinn.

It's no surprise to find a couple looking for new clothes. But hey, we can't deny the costume looks pretty cool, right?

24. In the parking lot

What is he wearing? (Photo: Chase the Trend).

It's not just in the store where people dressed in interesting ways. They can also be found in the parking lot.

The person's outfit in this photo is so shocking, even the store employee turned around to avoid looking at him.

23. No pants?

Interesting design (Photo: Eighties Kids).

Did this person actually go shopping with no pants? Do not be concerned, she is wearing pants, they just do not look like pants.

Also, if she was not wearing pants, she would more than likely have been thrown out of the store as clothing is at least required.

22. Superheroes in a dress

Superhereos can also wear a ballerina dress (Photo: Chase the Trend). 

There is a saying not all superheros wear capes. Not only can they not wear capes, they can be dressed in a skirt.

In the photo, this person combines her passion for Spider-Man while dressing in a ballerina dress. Quite an interesting mix.

21. Dress look

He replicated his female icon (Photo: Mind Your Dollar).

It's unclear who this person is dressed as, but he went all out to replicate the look of his female icon. Along with the dress, a big hat, and a necklace.

Although there is something even more interesting in this photo and it is the huge items in his grocery cart. Who knows what he needed to buy while dressed in this getup.

20. Straight out of the hospital?

Straight out of the hospital (Photo: Mind Your Dollar).

Who knows why this man escaped the hospital to do some grocery shopping? There were probably some discounts and he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity.

However, it’s alarming how he even managed to escape the hospital he was staying at while dressed in a full patient’s outfit.

19. Goku, is that you?

This man dressed in a Goku costume (Photo: Mind Your Dollar).

This is not a photoshop. The man in this picture literally went dressed in a Goku costume and he did not care what the people around him were thinking.

Who knows why he decided to wear a full costume. It could have been Halloween, he was at a prior event, or simply just decided to wear it to go to the store.

18. P!nk or Pink

She must really like pink (Photo: Mind Your Dollar).  

Not sure if this woman really likes P!nk or if pink is just her favorite color. Either way, she likes to dress in anything pink.

She has pink hair and a pink shirt, and even has face paint to go with the outfit. She does not care what people around her think.

17. Wheelchair design

People in wheelchairs also dress in a unique way (Photo: Eighties Kids).

Customers who shop at the store are so interesting, even people in wheelchairs dress in a unique way as seen in the photo.

In the picture, it is not what this person is wearing, but what is around the wheelchair, which has many flags and characters.

16. Out of space shopping

Interesting outfit (Photo: Mind Your Dollar).

Looks like this person needed a break from crossing dimensions in order to do some grocery shopping.

This is not photoshopped, somebody actually went fully dressed in this costume and even painted their face as the character.

15. Do not forget the goat

Even goats can go shopping (Photo: Mind Your Dollar). 

The person in the photo must really like her goat to take her to the store. Not just that, she is carrying the goat on her back.

Either way, the goat cannot complain he or she is not being well taken care of when their owner is taking them shopping.

14. Face mask

She did not even take off her face mask (Photo: Mind Your Dollar).  

This woman’s outfit wouldn't be anything out of the ordinary if she had not forgotten to take off her face mask.

Either she was in a hurry to get a discount or she just did not have a problem going with her face mask.

13. Colorful shoes or socks?

Interesting shoes or socks? (Photo: Mind Your Dollar).

It is unclear what this person in this picture is wearing, whether they are colorful socks or a new brand of shoes.

Either way, he put them on and has no problem wearing them as he does his shopping. However, with those colors, it is hard not to notice them.

12. Straight out of the club

Quite an outfit (Photo: Mind Your Dollar).

Some people will go shopping right after leaving the club as you see in this picture as the person did not even change.

He probably needed something to get over his hangover, which would explain the outfit he is wearing.

11. Big coat

What a big coat (Photo: Mind Your Dollar).

The outfit this person is wearing is so big, that it's practically impossible not to notice. Would you wear something like this to go shopping?

At least this person will be warm and comfortable when doing the shopping as some stores can get really cold inside.

10. Is that a fox tail?

Have you ever thought what it feels like to have a tail?

Well, what can we say about this guy? Maybe the tail is part of a Halloween costume he was wearing, or he just wanted to know what it feels like to have a tail.

Something is for sure; the fox tail is actually pretty cool. And you won't go unnoticed wearing it, especially if you walk around a store like Walmart.

9. See through

See through clothing (Photo: Mind Your Dollar).

There are no regulations in terms of what customers can wear as long as they are some sort of clothing.

This even includes clothing which is see through and revealing as seen from the person in the picture wearing the outfit.

8. Short shorts

He has no problem wearing short-shorts (Photo: Mind Your Dollar).

Who ever said short shorts were ever out of style? Not only do woman like wearing short shorts, but some men do as well.

In the picture, this man likes to wear them in front of his own children and even has a sign on his back proud of wearing short shorts.

7. Slenderman let himself go

Slenderman has let himself go (Photo: Mind Your Dollar).

Looks like Slenderman went from being tall and thin to being short and wide as suggested in the picture.

In all seriousness, it is incredible somebody would actually do their shopping dressed as the Slenderman character.

6. High Heel Sneakers

High heel sneakers when shopping. (Photo: Chase the Trend).

Sneakers have constantly been evolving since their creation, but this new brand of sneakers is something else.

They have created high heel sneakers and there are people who have worn them while doing their shopping.

5. Wedding Pitstop 

Quite an interesting moment (Photo: Mind Your Dollar).

This woman must have really needed something as she pulled over on the way to her own wedding. There must have been a discount on a product.

Either way, she is walking around the store in her wedding outfit.

4. High Heels

Shopping in super high heels (Photo: Mind Your Dollar). 

Most people like to dress well even when going shopping, but this woman has taken it to a completely different level by wearing extremely high heels.

What is incredible is the fact she actually wore those shoes as they look very uncomfortable to walk in. Regardless, you cannot say she does not dress to impress.

3. Where Santa does his shopping

Where Santa does his shopping (Photo: Mind Your Dollar).

The store is so popular, even Santa Claus likes to do his shopping there. No surprise as they have everything he needs.

In all seriousness, this is not photoshopped, people have dressed as Santa Claus when doing their shopping.

2. Dogs have swag

Dogs can dress in swag (Photo: Mind Your Dollar).

Not sure what is the most interesting thing in this photo. Either the man who brought his dog to the store, the cop questioning him, or the outfit the dog is wearing?

Regardless, this picture shows dogs can also have swagger while wearing clothing and they should not be messed with.

1. SpongeBob outfit 

Somebody really likes Spongebod (Photo: Mind Your Dollar).

This woman must have a big interest in SpongeBob SquarePants to wear this outfit to the store and she doesn't care about what people around her think.

However, what is unknown from the picture is whether she is actually wearing a SpongeBob outfit or if it just covers her back? That is up to speculation.