Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world with a sudden and massive outbreak, life has changed and many important activities had to face difficult times while trying to battle with the hardships the virus brought. The Stimulus Checks were a solution encouraged by the US government to provide help to those who needed it in these hard times. A Fourth Stimulus Check could be on the way to keep tackling the financial struggles many people are facing. 

The third stimulus checks have been mostly sent out by now, and legislators in the country have claimed the need for a new round of these payments. The American Rescue Plan sent in March allowed about $384 billion to be assigned to helping people who needed relief to afford bills.

Lawmakers, congressmen, and President Joe Biden are planning how to continue giving a hand to the Americans who are facing difficult times. Meanwhile, California hands its own stimulus checks, the Golden State Check. The idea is to keep helping people throughout the country and the idea of a Fourth Stimulus Check has been discussed.

Is there a Fourth Stimulus Check?

The March stimulus law provided checks worth $1,400 for each qualified person, $300 weekly unemployment benefits, and an expanded child tax credit as well. The new package that the government could be planning would be focused on giving out a relief such as with the last American Rescue Plan, but differently.

The second stimulus package this year, known as the Build Back Better plan, may not be including stimulus checks as it would be aiming to invest in energy grid, transportation, broadband, and water systems, as reported by CNET

How many Stimulus Checks have there been?

So far, there have been three different Stimulus packages. The first one was signed by former President Donald Trump in March 2020, when the pandemic outbreak was very recent and its impact began to hit people's lives. 

That relief bill provided about $1,200 to each person attached by the measure and received the money in the first weeks of April. A few months later, the situation kept being delicate and it was discussed that a second package would be necessary. However, it took more months for that new stimulus to finally happen.

On December 27, 2020, Trump signed a $900 billion relief package as the second round of stimulus checks to help with people's finances. The third and so far the latest one came in March 2021, already with Biden as President, who signed the third stimulus package after it passed the Senate.

When is 4th stimulus check coming?

The idea of a fourth stimulus package has been supported by many congressmen lately, even though it isn't known yet if their push will have a result. Other options like making recurring payments, the child tax credit program permanent, and extending unemployment compensation indefinitely have been proposed as well. 

Who gets the 4th stimulus check?

The American Rescue Plan signed in March handed $1,400 checks to Americans who satisfied conditions for being eligible. It is uncertain if there will be a fourth stimulus package anytime soon, but members of the house and Senators have already urged for recurring payments while the pandemic still hits the Americans.

The adjusted gross income for the latest stimulus check were those of single individuals who made up to $75,000 last year, heads of households who earned up to $112,500, and the ones of couples who filed taxes jointly and made up to $150,000.