Like other Disney stars before her, Zendaya has grown up and made a name for herself. She's one, if not the, best actresses of her generation. Besides being a triple threat (acts, sings and dances), she also has built a career with almost only successes and well-received productions

She won an Emmy as Best Outstanding Actress for her portrayal of Rue, a teenage drug addict on 'Euphoria', which is far from the sweet little girl she interpreted in her Disney days. And, of course, she’s also known as the smart MJ (Michelle Jones), the love interest of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in the latest Spider-Man trilogy. 

But, while Zendaya is one of the biggest names in Hollywood right now, there are many facts that casual fans might not know about her. Does she have a last name? What’s her net worth? How tall is she? What is her hobby? If you want to know Zendaya more, here check out five facts about her you might not know. 

How tall is Zendaya? 

Zendaya’s height is 5ft 10 inches (178 cm). The 24-year-old recently joked with her co-star Tom Holland about the “stupid height assumptions” they had to endure while working on Spider-Man. However, both of them have shown to be cool about it. "This is normal, too," Zendaya said during an interview with Sirius XM. "My mom is taller than my dad. My mom's taller than everyone."

What is Zendaya's full name? 

Zendaya’s full name is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman. The actress has explained that her name was inspired by a word in the Shona language that means “to give thanks”. However, her parents added the Z. "My dad had a thing for Z's and zen, so he helped name me Zendaya," she told Popstar! magazine in 2011. 

Her strange way to “meditate” 

Talking with InStyle Magazine about self-care, the actress revealed she finds it hard to meditate so she watches ‘Harry Potter’ instead. "People say I'm crazy, but I watch 'Harry Potter,' like, once a day," she revealed. "It's just calming to me, so that's my thing.” 

Zendaya’s net worth 

As she has been working since she was a kid, appearing in Disney Channel’s ‘Shake It Up’ and having worked in several successful projects such as ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’, Zendaya’ net worth is impressive. According to Celebrity Net Worth, it is estimated to be $15 million

Is Zendaya dating Tom Holland? 

Yes, Zendaya and Tom Holland are dating. While rumors (and fans’ hopes) of the two of them being a couple has been circulating for years, photos of them kissing first were published last summer. They haven’t talked about their relationship publicly, only to say that they don’t want to talk about it as they shared to GQ in November.