Kendall Jenner is not only one of the most famous members of the Kardashian clan but she has also been quite public with her love life, so fans follow the details like flies. Her last known relationship was with professional basketball player Devin Booker. Now, it seems that her heart belongs to someone else and it is none other than Bad Bunny.

The Latin singer split from his last girlfriend, Gabriela Berlingeri, not long ago and the two had been together for almost five years. Not much was known about the couple because Benito has always wanted to keep his private life out of the paparazzi and news spotlight, so the reason for the breakup is unknown.

Now, all indications are that the supermodel and the music industry star have started a relationship not long ago. This has shocked all her fans, especially because many thought that the eldest Jenner was still with her old boyfriend. Here's what's known about the new couple that blew up the social media...

Kendall Jenner might be dating Bad Bunny

Several influencers claim to have witnessed how the model and the singer arrived together at a private club in Los Angeles, spent a good night among friends, kissed between songs and finally left together discreetly. It is even believed that Kendall used a scarf when leaving the premises to avoid being identified.

So far neither the protagonists of this love affair nor their representatives have made any statement but it is expected that soon they will give some details about what is happening between them. Deux U was in charge of confirming the romance through a podcast uploaded to Spotify.