Selena Gomez has been under the spotlight all her life but for the past few months she has been in the paparazzi's spotlight. In recent times she has been linked to multiple artists, such as Drew Taggart. Now it's the turn of one of the ex One Direction.... Zayn Malik.

The Pillowtalk singer has a daughter with runway megastar Gigi Hadid and as far as his love life is known, he was single. Last year he had several scandals with Yolanda Hadid, but his ex-girlfriend came out to clarify that it was not true what was being said, as it was believed that he had had violent reactions towards his former mother-in-law.

Now, a Tik tok user (@klarissa.mpeg) posted a series of conversations with a New York City restaurant hostess, who claims to have spotted the stars getting cozy on a one-on-one date. Here, check out what's going on between the celebrities...

Selena Gomez could be dating Zayn Malik

Although neither the two stars nor their representatives have made any statement, rumors of romance have already begun to circulate. Especially after the two shared time together at a restaurant in New York, while they were on a casual date and were quite affectionate

According to Hola, fans saw that the two had started following each other on social media. But most took it as something normal, believing that they could become friends and many had not heard about the friendship.

However, this changed when a video of Selena resurfaced in 2010, where she was asked which member of the band One Direction she would like to kiss and she said Zayn.

The Tik Tok user who spread the news that the two had kissed at the restaurant is @klarissa.mpeg and in the video she shares a text message from a friend of hers that says "Tell me how Selena Gomez and Zayn walked in (to the restaurant) holding hands and kissing".