Average Height, Average Build is Adam McKay's next feature film starring Robert Pattinson and Robert Downey Jr. in the lead roles. The famous Oscar-winning filmmaker is known for directing such classics as The Big Short and Don't Look Up. The duo is set to present a comedy story about a serial killer.

It was Puck News who broke the news that both actors were on board the project and it is expected to be one of the biggest productions of the year. Deadline reported that "The script and that package are available to studios and broadcasters, and the intention is to put it into production in late summer or early fall".

Despite telling the story of a murderer, it will have a humorous and satirical style. So we won't see a classic drama film about the victims, far from it. Rather, it is likely to portray how he protects his own motives, while becoming a cause celebre. Here, check out everything that is known about the film...

Who is the cast of Average Height, Average Build?

McKay will have a hell of a cast for his next installment and it is already known who are the first five actors who have said yes, as who will play the main characters. Robert Pattinson was one of the first to be confirmed and he will play the serial killer.

While Robert Downey Jr. will play a retired cop, who ends up getting involved with the crimes. Amy Adams will also be present and will be a lobbyist, who is recruited to change the laws. Forest Whitaker and Danielle Deadwyler are the last two confirmed to headline the cast, but it is not yet known in which roles.

What is Average Height, Average Build about?

The official plot has not yet been revealed, but Deadline said that “Pattinson will play a serial killer who enlists a lobbyist to change laws that will allow him to get away with murder more easily. Downey Jr’s role is a retired cop who won’t give up on the murders, and the killer tries to prevent him from dogging his trail now that he’s hung up his gun".

When might Average Height, Average Build be released?

It is believed that filming will begin in late summer or early fall, so the film would not arrive until 2024, if all goes well. If it is delayed, we may see it by the end of next year. We will have to wait for the production team to reveal the release date. However, Deadline has reported that Netflix has acquired the film after the success of the Oscar-nominee 'Don't Look Up.'