Julián Álvarez’s stock has risen in the world’s game, from a spotlight shining debut at River Plate in Argentina where he became the club’s best export in 10 years, to signing with Manchester City, and then shining with Argentina at the 2022 World Cup.

Julián Álvarez has truly taken center stage all over the world, he scored 4 goals in Qatar after originally being placed as a second option up front, his chemistry with Lionel Messi and former River Plate teammate Enzo Fernandez was key to maintaining him in the starting lineup.

With all those achievements comes great popularity especially in Argentina who had to wait more than 30 years to watch the nation lift their third World Cup trophy. A video has begun to surface where Julián Álvarez’s girlfriend Emilia Ferrero was trying to maintain control of various children trying to get a picture with the Manchester City striker. Fans on social media have perceived this as Emilia Ferrero being rude to the kids and now an online petition has been started so “The Spiderman” breaks up with her.

Online petition so Julián Álvarez breaks up with Emilia Ferrero

The petition was uploaded on Change.org and could reach 10,000 signatures soon, the petition asks for fans to tell Julián Álvarez to break up with Emilia Ferrero for being a “toxic” person. Going too far the petition states that Ferrero “ruins Julián Álvarez’s public image”.

In the video, which could be from December 24th in Julián Álvarez’s hometown of Calchín, Córdoba Argentina, Ferrero is heard trying to organize the fans telling them, “Please just one photo of everyone with one cell phone, one more picture because we have to go”.