Dead Island 2 will be released on April 21, 2023 in what will be one of April's biggest launch and one of the most anticipated games in the Dead Island series.

The first time Dead Island was released was in 2011 and since then 6 titles have been released including Dead Island 2 and excluding Dead Island Survivors which was canceled in 2020.

As on other occasions this title, Dead Island 2, will be available for all the most popular consoles and obviously for PC lovers.

When will Dead Island 2 be available on Steam?

Dead Island 2 will be released for PC through Epic Games, so far there is no official date to know when the game will be available on Steam. Sometime in 2023 Dead Island 2 will be available on the Steam Deck, but players will have to wait months after the official release in April.



If you want to play Dead Island 2 at launch the best option is to buy the game through the Epic Games store and use their launcher, that's better than nothing.