Gerard Piqué has been under the eye of the storm since his split with the iconic Colombian singer, Shakira. There is no one who has not yet found out what happened between the two and especially who is his current partner. Months went by without the soccer player making any comments about his ex-wife, but it seems he has had enough.

After the star was part of one of the Music Sessions (Vol. 53) of Argentine music producer Bizarrap, the world has not stopped talking about everything that has happened between the couple. Since the cheating of the former soccer player, who used to be part of the F. C. Barcelona team, towards the singer, he has received multiple criticisms.

However, it seems that she has decided not to remain silent anymore and during an interview she talked about several topics related to her personal life. Like her separation, how it has affected her children, her upcoming projects and many other things more. Here, check out what she had to say about the Waka Waka singer...

What did Pique say about his split with Shakira?

Just Jared reported that the retired soccer player spoke about his life after his scandalous split with Shakira. Pique assured “I keep doing what I want. The day I die, I will look back and hope I have always done what I wanted. The people that I love and care about are the ones who know me. The rest isn’t important to me. I spend my energy on being with my loved ones and giving them what I have”.

He also talked about his current relationship with 24-year-old model Clara Chia. He assured that he wants to be true to himself and does not plan to spend money on cleaning up his reputation or his image, but is more focused on preserving his happiness. 

On the other hand, his girlfriend has been offered a million-dollar payment for giving an interview telling her side of the story and exposing Shakira's dirty laundry. She was contacted by several media outlets but seems to have turned them all down. None of the people involved have made any statement about this so far.