From asking for money to parading around with a younger girl, the public image of Gerard Piqué took a heavy hit after his infidelity became known and Shakira was publicly embarrassed. There are two sides to every story but for the most part everything has been one sided information from Shakira and her people. 

Piqué has been off to the side, first retiring from Barcelona in 2022 and kicking off his Kings League. Along the way officially showing himself with Clara Chía, the woman said to have been what came between the former Spanish defender and Shakira.

When speaking with content creator John Nellis, Piqué was asked about his cellphone and the most famous non-soccer contact Gerard Piqué had on his phone and finally spoke about the mother of his children publicly for the first time.

Piqué on his cell phone contacts

“I would say Shakira, perhaps, who was my partner. It could be one. I'm thinking of Instagram followers and yes, if you're saying that, I'd say Shakira because of that. If it's not related to football, because I think Cristiano is the most followed in the world right now."

According to El Periódico in Barcelona Shakira and Piqué did try to reconcile in April of 2022 but things did not end well. “We can assure that the ex-partners gave themselves a second chance in April. Both sides are silent regarding this and prefer not to comment on the details of said reconciliation, but they do confirm that it took place and that, unfortunately, it did not have a happy ending” was stated by podcaster and entertainment reporter Lorena Vásquez.