Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the most recognized actresses in the industry and not only has she been starring in major blockbusters, but she has also been very present in recent years as an advocate for human rights and more.

Now, the star has found herself in legal trouble and is being accused of absconding.The 50-year-old, who shares two children with singer Chris Martin, has had to head to court in Utah to give her statement in front of a judge.

The actress of Shakespeare in Love, where she played Viola de Lesseps, has had to continue the trial of an accident that took place in 2016. Years later, it has been time for her to make her passage through the court. Here, check what is happening with her now....

What's going on with Gwyneth Paltrow?

Gwyneth Paltrow is in some pretty big trouble and it all started in 2016, when she was involved in a skiing accident in Utah. Apparently, the 50-year-old star was reportedly skiing on a hill when she had an accident with a man named Terry Sanderson, who ended up accusing her of being a hit-and-run.

This ended up in a legal dispute and years later, the 76-year-old man and the actress have had to resume the trial and go to court in Park City. Now, Paltrow has had to go to court to give her version of events and there she confessed that it was Terry who was to blame for everything. 

During her time on the stand, she stated that the man's skis appeared behind hers and that it was a slow and strange collision. She had also heard that he made "some strange noises" when he collided with her, which made her think for a moment that he was a victim of sexual assault.

"I was hit by the sir and he was at fault. I was skiing and two skis got in between mine. That forced my legs apart. Then a body pressed against me and I heard a very strange grunt", Gwyneth said.

After a witness testified against her, the plaintiff's attorney questioned her for not staying long enough with the man after the fall. To which she responded "I think you have to keep in mind that, when you are the victim of an accident, your psychology is not necessarily thinking about the person who perpetrated it". She further claimed that she stayed with him until he told her he was fine and then left.

What is Terry Sanderson's version?

Terry Sanderson, a 76-year-old physician, gave a totally different version. According to what he confessed, the actress was "skiing out of control" and that was the reason for her collision. Theoretically this caused a brain injury, four broken ribs and other serious injuries.

Although the accident took place in 2016, it was not until 2019 that this one began the legal process, suing the actress for having acted negligently. This one also claimed that the incident generated a "permanent traumatic brain injury, four broken ribs, pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress and disfigurement".

Why did Gwyneth Paltrow end up in court against Terry Sanderson?

After the Hollywood star was sued and Sanderson had given his side of the story, Paltrow countersued. So after several rulings, the man's original demand for money was reduced to a total of $300,000.

He had previously asked for $3.1 million, but it fell through. Now, the actress wants to clear her name, so she is not too interested in the money and is only asking for a dollar and her attorneys' fees. 

What did the witness say in court?

Now that the trial has begun and is actively underway, a witness was called to the stand to give his side of the story. Apparently, he testified that the Marvel actress was looking at her son and that she was distracted a few minutes before the accident

This was quickly denied by the star, while assuring "I didn't believe his testimony (...). I don't believe she saw what she thinks she saw. I don't know how you can discern, if you're 40 feet away and you're color blind".

Because of what Gwyneth said, her plaintiff's attorney asked her how the illness affected the truthfulness of what she testified, to which she simply replied that the man was wrong, because "because Mr. Sanderson categorically hit me on that ski slope and that's the truth".

Who has won the trial?

Gwyneth Paltrow has emerged victorious in the lawsuit against Terry Sanderson, for which she has taken $1 dollar and her team's fees. Her main goal was to clear her name and she finally did. 

Before leaving the courtroom, she walked up to the retiree and said, "I wish you well". To which Sanderson replied "Thank you dear". So it seems that there were no regrets left between them.