Have you ever noticed that some people actually have to lean to take pictures with others? I mean, they’re so big that more often than not, the cameraman needs to work his magic to get them all in the same frame. Well, today we are going to show you the tallest actors in Hollywood.

Some actors have made a living out of using their height for their advantage. Either by being at the center of thousands of jokes or because they add plenty of muscle to play tough guys in action movies.

But, even if you know some Hollywood men are quite tall, I can guarantee that you didn’t know they were that tall. In fact, some of them could have even played professional basketball. Who is the tallest actor today? Check out the list of the top 25 tallest men in Hollywood:

25. How tall is Michael Richards? 6'3''

Most of you may remember Michael Richards for starring in Seinfeld as Cosmo Kramer. He was one of the most beloved characters in comedy and even won three Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for that role.

However, his career took a major downfall in 2006 due to a racist rant in the laugh factory. He later made a public apology but he’s done nothing more than occasional cameos in television ever since. 

24. How tall is Chris Hemsworth? 6'3''

Well, if you’re cast to play the role of Thor, then you must be a pretty big fellow. That’s why it may not seem like much of a surprise to watch Chris Hemsworth on our list. In fact, what impresses us the most is that he’s not near the top.

Hemsworth rose to stardom for his role as Kim Hyde in Home and Away but finally broke out thanks to the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’s now one of the highest-paid actors in the world.

23. How tall is Will Ferrell? 6'3''

Everybody in America loves Will Ferrell. He broke out as one of the biggest stars in NBC’s Saturday Night Live history and then flew on his own as one of the greatest comedy masterminds of the century.

His work as a producer, actor, writer, and stand-up comedian has granted him over a dozen of awards throughout his career. Needless to say, his height also helped him in many roles over the years. He's just too big and clumsy not to be funny.

22. How tall is Jason Momoa? 6'4''

Jason Momoa was the perfect man for the role of Khal Drogo in HBO’s Game of Thrones. I mean, they couldn’t find a better guy to impersonate that fierce, strong, intimidating warrior. The same can be said about his role in Aquaman.

To be honest, it’s hilarious watching Jason Momoa next to his bodyguards, who are all significantly smaller than him. Momoa looks like he should be lining up at wide receiver in any NFL team.

21. How tall is David Hasselhoff? 6'4''

David Hasselhoff was known for being one of America’s sweethearts and ladies man of the 90s. He broke out thanks to his role in The Young and The Restless but became a legend when he starred in Knight Rider and lately in Baywatch.

The Hof hasn’t been as successful lately as an actor but he’s got plenty of recognition for his role as a producer. Also, some guys started a campaign to get his hit Looking for Freedom to the top of the UK charts in 2006, which honestly, was pretty funny.

20. How tall is Joel McHale? 6'4''

Younger fans may know Joel McHale for his special episode on the infamous Tiger King documentary but actually, he’s been around for quite some time now and is one of the rising stars of the comedy industry. 

McHale first got recognition for his role in The Soup but rose to stardom as the seductive ladies man Jeff Winger in NBC’s Community. He’s a huge fan of the Seattle Seahawks and with his height, he could’ve at least tried out for the team.

19. How tall is Ben Affleck? 6'4''

We all know Ben Affleck is a huge fan of the Boston Celtics. It’s common to see him next to the team’s bench on every major game, and with his height, he could’ve played at point guard on his school’s varsity team.

Affleck is considered one of the best and most successful actors, writers, and producers in Hollywood right now after starring in more than 50 films. He’s also a professional gambler and won the 2004 California State Poker Championship.

18. How tall is Jeff Goldblum? 6'4''

Most of us remember Jeff Goldblum for his roles in the Jurassic Park and Independence Day saga. However, he’s one of the most versatile actors Hollywood has seen since the ‘90s, with dozens of film appearances.

Ironically, and hilariously, Goldblum starred in ‘The Tall Guy’, which shouldn’t come as a surprise given the fact that he’s 6’4’’. He also has a jazz orchestra and has released a couple of studio albums.

17. How tall is Liam Neeson? 6'4''

Liam Neeson doesn’t know who you are but he will find you and he will kill you. I mean, when you see that 6’4’’ Irishman entering the door, you know that’s it for you. He’s the ultimate badass.

Neeson has some of the most iconic roles in Hollywood history. From Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars to Jean Valjean in Les Miserables and Bryan Mills in the Taken saga, this is not the kind of guy you want to mess up with. Trust me.

16. How tall is Jason Segel? 6'4''

We all remember how much Jason Segel wanted to prove that he could still dunk when he played Marshall Eriksen in How I Met Your Mother. Well, turns out that he was actually a pretty good dunker growing up.

In fact, he won a couple of state championships and one slam dunk contest in high school, when he played as Jason Collins’ (former NBA player) backup. Luckily for him, he turned his attention towards acting and quit hooping.

15. How tall is Chevy Chase? 6'4''

Chevy Chase has made four generations of Americans laugh their lungs out. He became one of the most iconic members of Saturday Night Live before pursuing a career of his own in comedy and he’s now considered a legend of the industry.

Like in Will Ferrell’s case, he’s used his height and brain to mock himself over and over, and guess what? It keeps working. Hopefully, he’ll continue to make us all laugh for many more years to come.

14. How tall is John Lithgow? 6'4''

Most remember John Lithgow for his hilarious role as Dick Solomon on 3rd Rock from the Sun but he’s done plenty of work ever since. In fact, he’s not only an actor but also a poet, musician, author, and singer.

Lithgow even joined the Royal Shakespeare Company and has also starred several times in Broadway. He recently got a lot of praise for impersonating Winston Churchill in Peter Morgan’s The Crown. 

13. How tall is Donald Sutherland? 6'4''

Donald Sutherland has made a living out of impersonating dark, evil characters. His height, profound voice, and great acting skills make him a perfect villain and one of the most respected actors in Hollywood.

He’s won over 13 awards throughout his career, including induction into Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. He’s been active for over three decades but young fans may remember him for his role as President Coriolanus Snow in The Hunger Games saga. 

12. How tall is Danny Glover? 6'4''

Danny Glover is a guy of principles. He won’t star in any movie he doesn’t feel comfortable with. In fact, before transitioning to the theatre, he actually worked in city administration, specifically in community development.

Glover rose to prominence for his role as Roger Murtaugh in the Lethal Weapon series and has made the most of his platform to stand out from the things he believes are right, which has granted him a lot of enemies in show business.

11. How tall is Vincent D'Onofrio? 6'4''

Vincent D’Onofrio may not be as popular for his job as an actor as he is for his hard work as a producer and set builder. He’s known for his role in Men in Black and especially for impersonating Detective Robert Goren in Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Moreover, D’Onofrio has been involved in hundreds of productions either as a music director, writer, producer, and filmmaker. He’s also made a couple of musical performances throughout his career.

10. How tall is Clint Eastwood? 6'4''

There are few people as terrifying and intimidating in the world as Clint Eastwood, even at his current age. His big body and badass look granted him plenty of film success during the early stages of his career.

After starring in Rawhide and then breaking out in Man with No Name, he made a name for himself as one of the best action and western actors of all time. He’s made over 50 movies as an actor, producer, or even musician, as well as countless tv cameos.

9. How tall is Tim Robbins? 6'5''

You can be sure that Tim Robbins has been used to always being the tallest man in the room, ever since he started pursuing a career in acting at age 12 and his days with the Theater for the New City.

Robbins is mostly known for his legendary role as Andy Dufresne in The Shawshank Redemption but he’s been quite active over the past couple of years, including regular appearances in HBO’s Here and Now.

8. How tall is Joe Manganiello? 6'5''

If you think Joe Manganiello could have pursued a career in football or basketball that’s because that was his first choice. However, countless injuries cut his career short and he turned his attention to acting.

Manganiello didn’t make the cut for the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama so he had to attend the University of Pittsburgh to fulfill his dream. Now, he’s often portrayed as a strong, badass kind of guy with more muscle than brains.

7. How tall is Armie Hammer? 6'5''

Armie Hammer grew around wealth. He's the great-grandson of oil magnate Armand Hammer, so you know he didn’t have to actually finish high school to be someone growing up. That’s why he dropped out in the eleventh grade.

Hammer wanted to be an actor since day one and no one was going to stop him. He gained recognition for his biographic roles in The Social Network and J. Edgar and has won multiple awards throughout his career.

6. How tall is Vince Vaughn? 6'5''

Vince Vaughn played baseball, football, and was a wrestler going up. And even though you could expect he excelled at all those sports given his huge frame, he has admitted to being kind unathletic, so that wasn’t the case.

Luckily for him, he had the opportunity to pursue a career in show business, where he’s made quite a huge amount of money for his comedy acting. Standing at 6’5’’, you would’ve noticed him right away if he crashed your wedding. 

5. How tall is Dwayne Johnson? 6'5''

As you may know by now, long before Dwayne Johnson became a beloved actor, he wanted to be a football player. A heartbreaking injury cut his dream short and he was literally broke when he was cut from his team.

He then became a wrestling superstar and has made the most of his athletic, strong body in the film industry as well. I mean, people refer to you as ‘The Rock’, then you must be a pretty big fella.

4. How tall is John Corbett? 6'5''

John Corbett gained a lot of recognition early on in his career because of his looks. He was a bit of a Casanova and that opened him a lot of doors in show business. Well, that and his 6’5’’ height.

Corbett is mostly known for his role as Aidan Shaw on HBO's Sex and the City and Max Gregson on Showtime's United States of Tara. Others know him for his career as a country music singer.

3. How tall is Tyler Perry? 6'5''

Tyler Perry is one of the most respected and successful producers in Hollywood, even earning the distinction of the highest-paid producer in 2011. However, he’s also found plenty of success as an actor.

From his role as Admiral Barnett in Star Trek to Colin Powell in Vice, Perry has done it all in Hollywood. He’s produced massive success like Precious, Alex Cross, the Madea’s saga, and The Single Mom’s Club.

2. How tall is James Cromwell? 6'7''

James Cromwell’s height was so notorious that it was even a problem for him earlier on his career, as several directors passed on him. Luckily for show business, he never gave up and now has a 4-decade career in Hollywood.

Cromwell’s most famous role came in Babe, when he became the tallest actor ever nominated for an Oscar Academy Award. He’s also starred in Star Trek: First Contact, The Green Mile, The Young Pope, and decades of blockbuster movies.

1. How tall is Brad Garrett? 6'8''

Who is the tallest actor? Brad Garrett. If you ever saw Everybody Loves Raymond then you must be aware of the fact that more than half of the jokes around Robert Barone (Garrett' character) were related to his impressive and distinctive height. 

Don’t be fooled by Garrett’s huge body and deep voice as he’s actually an incredibly humble, beloved, and kind guy. If it wasn’t for his acting and his career as a stand-up comedian, he should have pursued a career in basketball, for sure.