Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez have combined their talents to make one of the most recognized romantic comedies in the industry. In 2005, Monster-in-Law, a film starring the veteran actress and the singer as Charlote "Charlie" Cantilini and Viola Fields, was released. The film was a huge success and grossed $154.7 million at the box office.

The plot portrayed the story of Charlie, a young woman who meets Kevin, the man of her dreams. What she didn't know was that her future mother-in-law, Viola, is an evil being who believes there is no woman good enough for her son. The duo shared many scenes together and in one of them they had a small accident.

18 years later, the renowned 85-year-old actress has made some statements that have left the Bronx diva in a bit of a bad light. During a visit to The Drew Barrymore Show, Fonda confessed that the Jenny From the Block star never apologized for an action she had with her during filming.

What happened between Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez?

Jane Fonda gave an interview on actress Drew Barrymore's show and confessed that Jennifer Lopez had never apologized to her for hurting her face during the filming of Monster-in-Law. Both were doing a scene where the singer's character had to slap the veteran in the face several times.

"Well, Jennifer had this huge diamond ring and when she slapped me one of the times, she cut my eye and my eyebrow", she told the host and the audience, who were stunned by the confession. Neither Barrymore nor Lily Tomlin (star of Fonda's new movie) wanted to comment, as it was not clear if she was joking at all.

Some years ago, Lopez had referred to this scene and said that it was quite daunting for her to shoot it, because she was "very afraid of hitting Jane Fonda in the face or hurting her in any way". So this would not have been intentional, but just an accident

The singer also shared in one of her YouTube videos that were posted in 2019 that "I was so afraid of [Fonda] and she was so brave". According to Hello, the pop star shared the clip with the caption "the never-before-told story of how I almost blinded Jane Fonda".

In case you want to watch the Monster-in-Law scene, the movie is available for streaming on Fubo, which is currently offering a one-week free trial in the United States.