‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ will come out in theaters on Friday, March 24. The highly anticipated installment will have Keanu Reeves back as the dangerous hitman in the most action-packed and epic movie of the franchise. And, the score will reflect that. 

Composer Tyler Bates, known for works such as Guardians of the Galaxy and 300, and Joel J. Richard, who have worked together in all previous films of the franchise, are back with a new sound for this installment, directed by Chad Stahelski. Speaking to Variety, Bates explained why he added an orchestra to the score: 

“If you listen to the four scores, they’ve definitely grown as the scope of the films has. Not in the way that it’s now an orchestra and it’s larger; it’s just that the color palette has continued to develop throughout, still maintaining the fun, hybrid-rock foundation to the score.” 

When is the soundtrack of John Wick 4 coming out? 

The soundtrack will come out the same Friday (March 24) as the movie, and it is the longest score that Bates has ever done. Per Variety, they recorded an estimated three hours of music. “The total minutes [of music] in this film probably doubles anything that I’ve been a part of,” Bates told the outlet. 

Some tracks include "I Would Die For You," by In This Moment, and "Grave Accusation." And here’s the entire tracklist of the soundtrack, per Entertainment Weekly. It includes tracks performed by Rina Sawayama. 

Track List

01. Big Wick Energy

02. Nowhere to Run - Lola Colette

03. Sand Wick

04. Change Your Nature

05. Continental Breakfast

06. Wick in Osaka

07. High Table in Osaka

08. A Grave Accusation

09. Grief on a Train

10. I Would Die for You - In This Moment

11. Of Mincing & Men

12. A Grave Situation

13. To Get Back In

14. Killa's Teeth

15. Ambition and Worth

16. Dog Lover

17. JW, Loving Husband

18. Stairs Arrival

19. Marie Douceur, Marie Colère - Manon Hollander

20. John Wick Rises

21. Paris Radio Intro

22. Chess Club

23. Urban Cowgirl

24. Quite the Mess You've Made

25. The Ex Ex

26. The Ex Ex Chapter 3

27. Arc De Triomphe

28. Wrong Train

29. Sacré-Coeur Sunrise

30. Pistol Procession

31. Ten Paces

32. Twenty Paces

33. Helen A Handbasket

34. Eye for an Eye (Main) - Rina Sawayama

35. Cry Mia River