After getting engaged back in December, the FC Dallas player Sebastian Lletget has been accused of allegedly cheating his fiancee singer Becky G. While none of them have responded to the rumors, the situation has been trending on social media. 

Lletget and Becky G met through their mutual friends Naomi Scott, who starred in Power Rangers with the singer, and her husband, player Jordan Spence. They have been together since January 2016 and their most recent public appearence was in the 2023 Oscars Vanity Fair party. 

Last year, a few weeks before announcing their engagement, Becky G told People Magazine that they were “supporting each other” in their respective careers, and that she wasn’t in a “rush” for things to change. However, now there could be trouble in paradise. Here’s what we know about the cheating scandal. 

An anonymous account accused Sebastian Lletget of cheating 

The accusations came from a “ghost” Instagram account, @ja29poo. This woman published a series of stories stating that Lletget was with her while partying in a disco in Madrid called Shoko back in February. 

Through a series of Instagram stories, the woman pointed out that she has evidence about what happened, including intimate photos and videos but she wouldn’t post them because that would be illegal. 

"Sebastian, your boyfriend, cheated on you in February and I have all the proof (...) I can send them to you privately. A lot of the press is contacting me because I will not remain silent," said the accuser, whose identity remains private.