Football/soccer players are no strangers to the limelight of the media, which brings with it a steady stream of stories and controversies, especially about their personal lives. From infidelity charges to high-profile breakups, footballers and their significant others have been at the heart of several controversies in recent years.

Actress Hiba Abouk, who is of Tunisian and Spanish descent, was recently quoted in the Spanish media as having requested half of her estranged husband Achraf Hakimi's income and property after their ongoing divorce. However, she has subsequently found out that Hakimi has nothing. 

Furthermore, in recent days, both Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez have been under intense scrutiny due to rumors of tension in their relationship that could lead to a breakup. Now, Spanish media outlets have stated speculating that Sergio Ramos and his three-year marriage with Pilar Rubio is in trouble.

What did Pilar Rubio comment on rumors of divorce with Sergio Ramos?

The pair apparently had problems owing to Ramos' family's bad connection with Rubio, as stated on the podcast 'Mamarazzis' hosted by Laura Fa and Lorena Vazquez. They also implied that the pair had missed certain milestones in their time together, such as the Spanish reporter and TV presenter's birthday.

In addition, reports said that before, the pair flew on a private plane between Paris and Madrid and other locations, drawing fire from eco-activists. But in a recent interview with the Telecinco show 'Socialite', Rubio addressed the rumors head-on. Despite speculation to the contrary, she said her relationship with the Paris Saint-Germain defender is fine.

The 45-year-old media personality responded humorously when asked how she deals with years of rumors about football players' alleged adultery by saying she believes her husband and finds the rumors to be 'amusing': "I have nothing to manage. Obviously, we all have the right to go out partying. It's a very sensationalist subject that, obviously, I find quite funny... It's important for us to trust each other, of course.

"It's important for us to trust each other, of course. These stories that come out about private jets... I don't know. I don't know. I travel a lot and at no time have I ever posted anything about going on a private jet. In fact, I take regular planes and there is no problem, right? I can also go by car, but it would also pollute", she said.