If the idea was to protect the children, someone needs to tell their parents that. Shakira knows how to cash in on hurt and will do so yet again when she teams-up with fellow Colombian singer Karol G. The pair announced a new single called TQG due out on February 24th at midnight on their respective Instagram accounts.

The song has been reported as a diss track towards both their former partners, Shakira will take yet another jab at Gerard Pique, while Karol G is set to take a swipe at Anuel AA.

Last month Shakira released her track on the Bzrp Music Sessions 53, the song has millions of views on YouTube and has put the Colombian singer at center stage.

Details of TQG

TQG will reportedly take jabs at Pique and his new girlfriend Clara Chia, some of the song’s lyrics were “leaked” last night and in one verse Shakira sings, “You leaving to look for something to eat outdoors and me thinking it was the monotony.”


For Pique, who is focused on his Kings League and other ventures, the song is yet another bullet to dodge as he is being torn apart by his former partner who suffered humiliation as a result of his affair.

TQG means "Te quedó Grande", which translates to "Am too big for you."