The roller coaster breakup of Gerard Pique and Shakira continues, from smear songs to lawyers it has not been smooth at all for the two stars. Pique has been focused on his Kings League, while the singer has already put out two songs regarding the whole ordeal.

In a revealing interview with Mexican journalist Enrique Acevedo, the Colombian star stated that at the moment she is “(picking) up the pieces and restart."

Shakira admitted that the breakup from her longtime partner and father of her children is the “darkest time” in her life, adding to that, Shakira was questioned and investigated for possible tax fraud.

Shakira on her breakup from Gerard Pique

During the interview the talented singer stated, "I've always been dependent emotionally on men, I have to confess. I have been in love with love and have been able to understand from that story that there is another perspective.”

"When a woman has to face the battles of life, she comes out super strong. When you come out strong is because you understand your own weaknesses and accept your vulnerability.

"Express what you feel, that pain. Because they say the opposite of depression is expression. Now, paradoxically, I feel complete. I feel that I depend on myself, and I have two children that depend on me so I have to be stronger than a lioness.


"That strength in order to be true and not a facade, it has to be a result of surviving a duel, to accept it, to tolerate the frustration.

"There are things in life that don't come out as you want. There are broken dreams and you have to pick up the pieces from the floor and start again.

"And I also want to be an example for my kids- to show what you can survive, these battles of life."

Shakira admitted in the interview that her son Sasha had the idea for her mother to do the song with Bizarrap, which Shakira described as a “big vent.”