The Vernal Equinox or Spring Equinox will take place on Monday, March 20 and it will mark the beginning of the spring. From there on, days will be longer and warmer in the Northern Hemisphere, leading us to the Summer Solstice

The Equinox has been always regarded as an important day in many cultures. The word comes from Latin, and it means “equal night.” As during the Equinox, the length of daytime and night is equal in all regions. 

The Spring Equinox is associated, as the season, with new beginnings and an awakening. If you want to know which rituals you can do to take advantage of this energy and how to use it in your life, don’t miss all we’ve got for you.

What is the spiritual meaning of the Spring Equinox? 

In general, the Spring Equinox is a time in which we can acknowledge the Earth, and all the resources that nature gives us all. Also, it’s a time to look out for balance, such as the equal day and night. Other things we associate this day with are: fertility, creativity, and expansive growth. 

According to The Ethical Butcher, the Spring Equinox is also a very potent time to get intentional about what you want to create in your life and make a cleanse of those things that no longer serve you. As we are also heading towards more light, it’s a time to honor the sun. 

What rituals can you do during Spring Equinox? 

As we said before, the Equinox has been celebrated and honored by many cultures across the centuries and the world. One of the Pagan traditions is Ostara, which is a Wiccan festivity, and it has its origins from Celtic traditions. However, you can draw inspiration from it. 

One of the rituals you can do, per Wanderlust, is create an altar to gain self-confidence and visualize your dreams. You can do it in a small place, and you could use elements symbolizing the Spring such as flowers, herbs, as well as other objects that have meaning to you (crystals, images, words). Your intention must be personal. 

After you create your altar, you can use it to meditate and visualize. Think about everything you want to leave behind and imagine your life without these old patterns, habits or limiting beliefs. You then can also visualize the energy of the light or the sun, to see yourself with compassion and acceptance. You can repeat this for seven days. 

However, you can also take small steps to connect more with nature. You can take walks in the park, smell the flowers, and connect with the sun. The idea is that you are aware of the new energy in your life. You can also write a journal, whatever it makes you feel right.