The Savant is inspired by a true story and will be a critique of online hate groups. Apple TV has cast Jessica Chastain in the lead role and the Oscar winner will not only play the title character, but will also serve as a producer. Melissa James Gibson will be the writer and showrunner.

It will have a total of eight episodes and the plot will be based on the original article published by Cosmopolitan. Andrea Stanley, writer of the story, will be in the role of consultant and executive producer with Freckle Films. Jessica Giles, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, will also join on the production side.

If everything goes as expected, it is believed that the show could have more than one season and even get a nomination at the Primetime Emmy Awards, in the category of Best Drama Series. Here, check out everything about the new miniseries...

Who is the cast of The Savant?

Jessica Chastain is the first confirmed cast member and so far the only one. The actress's last role was in the TV drama George & Tammy, where she shared the screen with Michael Shannon. Now, she is ready to play a new dramatic role, which promises a lot of tears.

What is The Savant about?

The plot is based on a true story, which was first published in Cosmopolitan during 2019. Photograms revealed that the story will follow a woman whose goal is to stop mass public attacks by hate groups and the only way she finds is to infiltrate.

When will The Savant be released?

It is not yet known when Chastain's new series will premiere, but since it is an Apple production, the episodes will arrive exclusively to Apple TV+. It is estimated that they could be added to the platform's catalog by the end of the year, but so far it is only a rumor.