Wednesday fans' prayers have been answered and Winter Spring Summer or Fall will bring Jenna Ortega to the big screen, along with one of her cast mates. The movie is currently filming in Utah and production began in late October, according to some shared by director Tiffany Paulsen.

Behind-the-scenes responsible, known for her work on Holidate, announced the arrival of the project on her social media and began production in Salt Lake City. She also posted an Instagram story where she was grateful to work with Graham Robbins, the cinematographer and her "partner in creativity".

The protagonists and the director have already made references about the film, but it has not yet been confirmed by the mainstream media. For this reason, it has not yet been revealed when the release date is scheduled, nor if it will reach the big screen before arriving to any streaming platform.

Who is the cast of Winter Spring Summer or Fall?

Jenna Ortega is set to take the lead on the project, along with the actor who plays Xavier in Netflix and Tim Burton's Wednesday series. While Ortega plays Remi, Percy Hynes White will bring Barnes to life.

During an interview with Popternative, the 21-year-old actor said, "I love working with Jenna. The movie I'm doing in Utah now is also with her. We have a fun time together". The rest of the cast is not yet known, but it is expected to be revealed once the film is confirmed.

What will Winter Spring Summer or Fall be about?

As confirmed by Just Jared, the story will follow the characters of Ortega and Hynes White. "Remi and Barnes, two very different teenagers who meet by chance in the winter of their senior year, spend four days together over the course of a year that will change their lives forever", the outlet added.

When will Winter Spring Summer or Fall be released?

Percy confirmed that filming has already been completed, so everything indicates that we could have the new romantic comedy by mid 2023, although the official release date has not yet been announced. On the other hand, MPCA's Brad Krevoy is one of the producers of the film, along with Wall Fly's Josh Shader and David Wulf.

“We’re excited to be further diversifying MPCA’s robust slate with Winter Spring Summer or Fall. Jenna is enormously talented as an actor and producer, and we know both she and Percy will bring heartfelt depth to their roles and that, along with Tiffany’s experience with character and her vision for this film, will only enhance the brilliant script from Dan", Krevoy said.