Just a few days ago, a source close to Tom Holland and Zendaya confirmed to US Weekly that the couple was ready to settle down, as they are "serious and permanent" about their relationship and that "they are both in settling down mode and absolutely planning a real future together". Since the beginning of their relationship they have been quite private about their personal life.

After sharing the screen in Spider-Man, they became inseparable and that was the beginning of the love between the two. The actor who plays Peter Parker said during an interview with GQ in 2021, "I respect her too much to say it.... This is not my story. It's our story. And we'll talk about what it's about when we're ready to talk about it together".

So... Will wedding bells be ringing soon? Although neither of the two actors have made any statements about all the engagement and marriage rumors that have been circulating, the internet went crazy and fans have created the best memes.

Zendaya and Tom Holland are engaged? Funniest memes and rections

When rumors started to leak that Zendaya and Tom were getting married, the internet exploded. Especially Twitter users, who couldn't wait for the news to be confirmed to start creating the funniest memes and have the most ironic reactions. Here, check out the best ones so far...