Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara just can’t seem to not be in the news, the couple had a very public marital crisis in October when Nara found messages the PSG forward sent to Argentine actress María Eugenia Suárez. Since that scandal, the couple has since reconciled and Icardi is now subject of transfer talks away from PSG.

Wanda Nara is not only the player's wife but also Icardi’s agent, Nara is also a social media influencer and has her own cosmetic line and both are registered owners of the Work Marketing Football SRL company. It is said company that has now come under the microscope as reported by Diario Ole in Argentina, as the company has had a case file opened in Argentina by Fernando Miguez, head of the NGO “The Foundation for Peace and Climate Change in Argentina”.

Miguez has a history of opening cases and bringing forth charges against many high-profile politicians and actors in Argentina, in this case the allegations stem from money laundering, tax fraud, and corruption charges.

Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara under investigation for tax fraud

The case is now in the hands of judge Ariel Lijo, Miguez claims that Work Marketing Football SRL uses the company as a way to clear all of Mauro Icardi’s earnings as an athlete but also has unreported income stemming from other accounts not associated with the soccer player, which have not been taxed.

Miguez claims the untaxed funds are from the marketing and selling of cosmetic products and clothing. Wanda Nara is a social media influencer and has her own line of cosmetics WANDA cosmetics.