Paul Mescal became a worldwide star thanks to her role as Connell in the series adaptation of Sally Rooney’s novel “Normal People.” He not only conquered the Internet, he also received critical acclaim and a Primetime Emmy nomination. Now, he is ready to surprise with his role in “Aftersun.” 

The film will follow eleven-year old Sophie (Frankie Corio) and her father Calum (Mescal), who go out on vacation at a Turkish beach resort in the 90s, as well as present-day Sophie 
(Rowlson-Hall) while she reflects on the trip with her father 20 years prior.

It is Charlotte Wells’ directorial debut, and the movie has received positive reviews. It first premiered during the International Critics' Week at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, where it won a jury prize. Here, check out where you can watch the movie in the US. 

When is the release date of Aftersun? 

The film with Paul Mescal will come to theaters in the United States on October 21, 2022. It will be distributed by A24. Also written by Wells, the movie explores the memories and how it is difficult to understand the inner lives of our loved ones. 

According to Jenna Mahale’s review for Vice, the Scottish director “creates a compelling study of how fundamentally unknowable our loved ones are.” Meanwhile, Victor Stiff says that the film is “a thoughtful, compassionate, and visually arresting meditation on love, memory, and the passage of time.”

Mescal told Variety that he was “very happy with films that I’m getting to make right now (...) That’s a wheelhouse I feel like I’m more comfortable in right now in my life and what I want.” He will also be in God’s Creatures and Foe, which is in post-production.