Spider-Man is one of the most beloved and famous comic book characters. Since the first film adaptation of the superhero interpretation by Tobey Maguire to Tom Holland’s incarnation, the friendly neighborhood vigilante has collected fans from three different generations. But a special part of their stories have been Spider-Man’s love interests. 

The people he loves the most are an important part of Peter Parker's growth as a character. In the films, we have seen how many of Peter’s decisions are based on how it would affect the people he cares about. But his partners also have important roles on their own. 

In the comic books, Peter Parker/Spider-Man has had 15 love interests for over 60 years of existence. However, this article will be focusing on their adaptation on the big screen. Think you know every single one of them? Well, maybe you will be surprised. 

Spider-Man’s love interests in the movies 

Felicia Hardy/Black Cat 

In ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’, Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat, made a brief appearance. Played by Star Wars: Rogue One’s star Felicity Jones, she is Harry Osborn’s (Dane DeHaan) assistant. However, in the comics, she has a prominent role, being one of the most important romances of Spider-Man and also a villain. However, it seems like she could be in the next movie

Betty Brant

Also, with a small role on the big screen. In Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, Brant (Elizabeth Banks) flirts with Peter while he’s being controlled by the Venom symbiote. And a teenage version of Betty, played by Angourie Rice, appears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe trilogy. She has a fling with Peter's best friend, Ned. However, in the comics, she works in the newspaper with Peter and she’s her first love interest. The relationship doesn’t last long, though. 

Liz Toomes (based on Liz Allan) 

In the first Tom Holland’s solo Spider-Man movie, Homecoming, we saw Peter having a crush on Liz Toomes (Laura Harrier). She’s based on a character named Liz Allan, who also was a minor love interest for Peter and Flash Thompson. In the movies, she is the daughter of The Vulture, Adrian Toomes played by Michael Keaton. 

Gwen Stacy 

Well, we know that Gwen Stacy might not even need an introduction. Gwen is Peter's first real love. Gwen is the daughter of NYPD Captain George Stacy and is a classmate of Peter Parker. She appeared in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, to create friction between Peter and Mary Jane. Meanwhile, she had a much more prominent role The Amazing Spider-Man, played by Emma Stone. 

Mary Jane 

Mary Jane Watson, or MJ for short, became the most famous Spider-Man love interest after Gwen’s death. In the movies, Mary Jane was played by Kirsten Dust in the first trilogy, in which she’s been neighbors with Peter Parker (played by Tobey Maguire) for years. 

Michelle Jones Watson - MJ 

At first, many were confused about Zendayas role in the Homecoming trilogy, as she wasn’t canon. It seems like writers think of her as a new version of Mary Jane, but with a whole new personality. She’s also Peter's classmate and she's very smart, just like Gwen.